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Just a few fairy lights and a little wine is all it takes.

This afternoon I found more mess created by our most notorious mess maker, so brought home some wine leftover from Friday afternoon and drank it (after chilling it, myself in the pool, chlorinating the pool and doing a load of washing).  Then I looked over and saw this..

Lights make me happy

And it was enough to make me smile and feel all kinds of happy.
That and watching a video I took on Friday afternoon. 
I should point out that I only have the tree and the lights on it at this point - no other decorations yet.

Good times :)


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Olaf So I recognised the actor who played this troll in Buffy ..

From his nose.

Yes really, I knew this guy, even under all the makeup.

It is in fact Jerry from ER.

So that was pretty cool.

Went for a drive with the sweetie today and had some nice together time.

And then he cooked dinner of cabbage, onion and bacon :)

Fairly quiet weekend

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So apart from having Doc wander up for some Mario Kart and Singstar on Saturday night, we didn't do anything this weekend.  Well not outside the house anyway.  Just the usual cleaning and tidying and photo sorting and catching up on rss feeds.  

Oh we did watch the first episode of Brideshead Revisited this afternoon.  Jeremy Irons is pretty hot even at 33.  And plenty of been-theres at Oxford :)
Cause there's a whole stack of old entries to read.

Saturday night we went over to Annie's after dinner and hung out for a while which was nice.

Today we dropped a monitor and the Lord of the Rings series over there, bought a printer and did our food shopping.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of the pool and the house.  And still feeling like I've not made any progress.

Cooked a nice potato bake and carrots and zucchinis for dinner, and shared a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio.

Wine and cheese

And just like that the weekend is over :(
Friday night the little brother arrived in town.  There was beer and pizza and Advocaat (I'd never even *heard* of Advocaat!!).  Saturday morning he fixed our en-suite's leaky loo, and then went home again.

Domino's Chef's Inspirations

Japan Day

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Sunday 4th was Japan Day at Doc's.  Their friend from Japan was in town, so we went over for a Japanese feast that went all afternoon :)

Lotus root being cooked
Japan Day at Doc's
Tuna sushi that Angus ate most of
Japan Day at Doc's
The finished lotus root
Japan Day at Doc's
Japan Day at Doc's
Fried chicken - this stuff was awesome!!
Japan Day at Doc's
Marinated egg plant
Japan Day at Doc's
Variety of mushrooms
Japan Day at Doc's
Negi and asparagus skewers
Japan Day at Doc's
Noodle dish also done on the barbecue
Japan Day at Doc's
Chicken and negi skewers
Japan Day at Doc's
Squid that Cin did
Japan Day at Doc's
Titanic icebergs
Japan Day at Doc's
Japanese beer
Japan Day at Doc's
We didn't eat this one, but she certainly was cute enough! ;)
Japan Day at Doc's

An awesome afternoon :)

Survived the week...

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Just barely .. more blog posts to come, backfilling.

Stopped in at Tony's on the way home for a refreshing beverage, then we got Pizza Capers and watch Deathly Hallows Part 2.
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