The Weekend - The Quick Recap

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Friday - couple of beers at Ha Ha, then to the Labor Club with the parents who had just arrived in town.

Saturday - rainy - the parents went into town and went to the National Portrait Gallery and New and Old Parliament Houses, while we stayed indoors and I did a jigsaw.  Cooked a nice tuna pasta bake for dinner and then we watched the slideshow of our UK 2010 trip (all the photos that are now on the blog).

Sunday - nice day - the parents went to church, and then for a walk along the lake, while we stayed indoors and did not much.  Then they went home, but I was still feeling unsettled and blah.  Watched the Julian Assange story on telly.  Stu suggested a scotch after dinner, but a phone call from work left me wondering if I'd have to go in, so couldn't relax.

Monday - still feeling blah.  Did some house organising but that was about it.

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