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Saturday was rainy and miserable, so felt no guilt at all sitting on my computer most of the day, and cleaning the house in between.  

Saturday arvo we went and fed Yoda before heading to Mishi's for a games night.


Had some nibblies and then some yummy chicken wings and sausages at Mishi's.  After dinner played a game of Trivial Pursuit (in teams so we had half a chance) except everyone else got questions that generally we could answer, yet the three or four times we actually got a go they were stoopidly hard questions that not even Stu knew the answers to.  So that was all very depressing, but at least the game was over very quickly.  There was then talk of playing Ticket to Ride, but there were seven people which made it too hard, so just had some tea and chatted for a while longer.

Sunday we got up and went over to Potty's cause Jeff and Ruth were in town and visiting.  Helped do some hedging, but Potty came along with his electric trimmer after we were done and redid the whole lot, so we needn't have bothered *sigh*.  At least we got a nice lunch.  Did our shopping and came home.  

Lego Creator House

Sunday evening we headed over to Windy's for eating and drinking and being merry.  Lots of yummy roast pork and potato bake.  I made a caesar salad and most of that got eaten which was a good thing.  Then played some Singstar until got booted off so the kids could do High School Musical.  So that was pretty meh.  But Windy and I had a couple of games of Monty Python Fluxx before everyone left and we were finally allowed back on Singstar.  Had a great time at that until everyone else got too tired.  Surprise of the evening was doing exceptionally well at Aqua's Barbie Girl.  Who knew I could be so good at a song I've barely heard in twenty years!

Kazza's caesar salad
Roast pork

Today we decided to have a quiet day at home (with a quick trip to Bunnings thrown in).  Did some gardening and a bit of tidying and watched last night's Bones and Castle online.  Then cooked our anniversary dinner.  $50 worth of ingredients!  Would almost have been cheaper to go out! heh.  I did Lana's stuffed chicken (the recipe that has won her a trip to Sydney to cook for Margaret Fulton!), which was yummy, but a little over cooked and a little too salty.  Also did an asparagus bake (another one of our new favourite recipes) and for dessert did these mini pavlovas which epic rocked!

Anniversary dinner
Anniversary dessert

Still very full, but quite sleepie and thinking about going to bed soon...
So Thursday came and went.  And it was sweet relief at 4:30 to not be on call anymore and celebrate with several beers :)  Went out to dinner after drinks - to Sanur's Balinese in Belco, cause that's where JJ wanted to go.  Had a really yummy chicken dish - chicken with Sanur's special sauce, or something.  It was delicious, but really fiddly with all the bones still in :(   

Crazy busy day at work, with a nice lunch at the pub in the middle (was talking to Dave in the morning and he said he'd had a nice steak for dinner the night before, so had a craving for steak :) ).  

I have a mission for myself for the weekend, but I doubt I'll finish it, so I'd better not say what it is just yet heh :)
Week has been slowly improving.  Although thwarted in my attempts to get the work done that's been on hold since being on call.  I was all set to get going on it only to get stuck on the first few things I needed to find doco for.  The sweetie was home with a migraine today, so he came and picked me up after work which was nice.

Didn't do much tonight other than watching Full House, Masterchef, and finishing off the "Lost" jigsaw.  It was tough because it was all very much alike.  The next one I have to do is even worse (1000 pieces instead of 750).

Lost Jigsaw

These little guys came in the mail yesterday, there's still another four to come.

Toy Story minifigs

And I thought I actually did pretty well at Hell the other day..


Absolutely *hanging* for tomorrow afternoon!!


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Had dinner at Libby's place tonight.. lots of Stu's work colleagues there.

Except I spent the first hour and a half dealing with *crap* and basically had a couple of meltdowns.

After that I was all "screw this" and had some dinner and a decent amount of wine.  

I've decided it should be my mission in life to get a job that doesn't have on call.  Dunno how since sysadmin is what I *do* .. 

Epic *sigh*

PS .. did see the ISS flying over, and then disappearing into the Earth's shadow .. waved at @Astro_Soichi .. was very cool ..

Sunny Sunday

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Another totally glorious autumn day today!

Cleaned up the house this morning, then waited around for Annie to come over (she was supposed to get here at 12, but didn't arrive to 1:30, so was totally starving by the time they got here).  So we went for a little walk, taking the kids to the park and going to the bakery for lunch.  

And no photos to mark the occasion.. doh!

Did our shopping in the arvo and had a $35 dinner ($19 bottle of wine, $13 worth of salmon and ~$3 asparagus).  Unfortunately I burnt the bottom of the salmon trying to get the skin crispy, but it was otherwise delicious and the asparagus was good too.

I could use another day of weekend though....
Last night the Windys were kidless, so we went out to dinner to use up some Entertainment Book stuff.

We decided to go to Shogun in Civic and have the Teppanyaki bar.

Starting with a Yebisu

We had to wait a little while because he had to come and setup in the second room.  Another group of three people came in, and a single guy.

After a while the dude started cooking.  He cooked up some egg first and had a go at throwing it into our mouths.  He actually got it in a few people's :)

It was yum yum yum! :)

Shogun dinner
We just had the cheap teppanyaki menu ($35.90 for fish, chicken and steak)

At the end he signed thankyou on the hotplate in salt - backwards for him!

Shogun thankyou
He also signed happy birthday for the dude sitting next to us, whose birthday it was :)  We all sang happy birthday to him :)  And we paid out one of the girls who didn't know the Twighlight dude was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter (or that he was British!).  

It was a heap of fun, we want to go again :)

After dinner (which actually included dessert) we went across to Koko Black for coffees.  I had a raspberry icecream - it was yummmm!

Koko pink?
Then came home and got really grumpy with a broken system at work - grumpy because it was too slow and painful to actually try and do it remotely.  So I gave up in disgust and went to bed (fixed it this morning - MS10-024 which is a patch for the SMTP service in IIS completely resets your SMTP settings!! How fail is that!! We weren't the only ones that had the same thing happen to us - #microsoftfail )

Tonight the sweetie stayed back for after work drinks with his colleagues.  I'd probably have joined them except I was on call :(  But it did mean I could watch whatever I wanted on telly, so I watched the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner movie which was just a collection of the clips with a little bit of new stuff joining it together.  And repeats of Blackadder II.  Then went into town to pick up the sweetie when he was ready to go.

Lamb roast

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Yesterday the call was put out... and Nat and Andrew answered (well the little brother did too, but too impractical for him to make it).

Had an epic nommm lamb roast for dinner, with herbed baked potatoes and these way cool carrots that Nat did (thinly-sliced carrots, butter and honey, wrapped in foil and bunged in the oven for as long as the roast).  1.3kg of lamb and only two slices of it left and no veggies left.. oops!  

But Vienetta for dessert!  Nommm!!

So around eating we played a bit of Wii Music (stupidest game in history because you can't skip the stoopid intro stuff and have do the whole tutorial - lame!!) and lots of Buzz. 

Was a lots fun evening :):)

The rest of the day was catching up on news feeds (down to 138!), the photomosiac jigsaw (finished it!), sorting photos and cleaning the house...

The week

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So I haven't blogged all week.


I didn't want to blog until I'd finished blogging our Melbourne trip.  Which took all week.  Hrmmmm.

Nothing much really happened all week.  There was work.  And a day off.  And work again.  And beer.  And dinner at Taj Agra, which gave me the hiccoughs.  And more work.  

The day off was lovely.  Had a relaxing morning doing the jigsaw I got in Melbourne, and then going into town with Stu and having lunch with Melita.  Could easily have a day off every day!

Today we got ready relatively early and went to Satis for breakfast, then visited Little Sneezy/Whingey/Farty (haven't got a good nickname for her yet! Maybe Violet Crumble? hehee) and the rest of the family, then our food shopping and suddenly it's nearly 2pm.  Didn't do much with the rest of the afternoon, just jigsaw and kirigami catchup and Melbourne trip blogging.  

And now it's most definitely beer o'clock.  I tried to suggest it to the sweetie while we were out shopping that we could use some more beer, but we didn't end up getting any.  So had to pay 2-3 times the price at the local bottle-o.  Oh well...

Turd Desserts...

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I'm sure Dave would disapprove (of the turd food below that is)...

This is a pic of dinner last night..


There was roast potatoes with oil and salt .. fried mushrooms with shallots and fresh parsley.. tomato with various cheeses and basil .. very nommm

Tonight I had beers lined up from eleven different countries .. Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Holland, Japan, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark and Mexico :)   (not all mine!!)

11 Countries

Then was a very pleasant dinner at Prince Palace (cause 2 Yummy was closed).  Followed by Men's Pocky and some turd dessert....

Men's Pocky
Turd dessert

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