Is it Thursday yet?

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Week has been slowly improving.  Although thwarted in my attempts to get the work done that's been on hold since being on call.  I was all set to get going on it only to get stuck on the first few things I needed to find doco for.  The sweetie was home with a migraine today, so he came and picked me up after work which was nice.

Didn't do much tonight other than watching Full House, Masterchef, and finishing off the "Lost" jigsaw.  It was tough because it was all very much alike.  The next one I have to do is even worse (1000 pieces instead of 750).

Lost Jigsaw

These little guys came in the mail yesterday, there's still another four to come.

Toy Story minifigs

And I thought I actually did pretty well at Hell the other day..


Absolutely *hanging* for tomorrow afternoon!!

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