Thursday and Friday

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So Thursday came and went.  And it was sweet relief at 4:30 to not be on call anymore and celebrate with several beers :)  Went out to dinner after drinks - to Sanur's Balinese in Belco, cause that's where JJ wanted to go.  Had a really yummy chicken dish - chicken with Sanur's special sauce, or something.  It was delicious, but really fiddly with all the bones still in :(   

Crazy busy day at work, with a nice lunch at the pub in the middle (was talking to Dave in the morning and he said he'd had a nice steak for dinner the night before, so had a craving for steak :) ).  

I have a mission for myself for the weekend, but I doubt I'll finish it, so I'd better not say what it is just yet heh :)

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