Lamb roast

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Yesterday the call was put out... and Nat and Andrew answered (well the little brother did too, but too impractical for him to make it).

Had an epic nommm lamb roast for dinner, with herbed baked potatoes and these way cool carrots that Nat did (thinly-sliced carrots, butter and honey, wrapped in foil and bunged in the oven for as long as the roast).  1.3kg of lamb and only two slices of it left and no veggies left.. oops!  

But Vienetta for dessert!  Nommm!!

So around eating we played a bit of Wii Music (stupidest game in history because you can't skip the stoopid intro stuff and have do the whole tutorial - lame!!) and lots of Buzz. 

Was a lots fun evening :):)

The rest of the day was catching up on news feeds (down to 138!), the photomosiac jigsaw (finished it!), sorting photos and cleaning the house...

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