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This morning we headed out to Cafe Injoy for breakfast.  Lots of sparrows there to keep us company.

Injoy sparrow
After breakfast we went out to feed the fish, but their water is so disgusting I don't think they could see the bread we were throwing them.

Gold Creek pond
So I fed the pigeons instead.  They even sat on me to eat, and I caught a couple of them just because I could.

Gold Creek pigeons
Then we walked down past some pretty leaves

Gold Creek leaves
and past the George Harcourt which is being expanded at the moment

George Harcourt renovations
.. to the National Dinosaur Museum!  I've had Entertainment Book vouchers for there for the last couple of years so thought we should use em some time.  It wasn't a bad little museum, and it even had some real specimens (Stu was most excited by the Ediacara Hills specimens of pre-cambrian fossils).  It was $11 each, but was buy one get one free with the voucher, so only $11 for the both of us.

National Dinosaur Museum
I assembled the vertebrae/spine plates cause there was noone else around :)
Stegosaurus jigsaw
Stegosaurus and pterodactyl
Ediacara Hills jellyfish
Ediacara Hills jellyfish
Ediacara Hills Ovatoscutum
Ediacara Hills Ovatoscutum
Plateosaurus engelhardti
Plateosaurus engelhardti
Allosaurus fragilis
Allosaurus fragilis
Pteranodon ingens
Pteranodon ingens
Chasmosaurus belli
Chasmosaurus belli
The time was wrong on this cute dinosaur clock
Dinosaur clock
Shark teeth
Shark teeth

Two years ago today we headed into the Black Forest, had a look at the world's biggest cuckoo clock, stopped at the very pretty Titisee, and ended up and Lindau and the beautiful harbour there in the evening


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Hoping I'll get some sleep tonight (after being awake for two hours last night cause of hurty).

Got a little bit more work done today but nowhere near as much as I'd have liked.. oh well.. 

Two years ago today we left Stuttgart and went for a bit of a drive through the north of the Black Forest area.  Had an accidental stop in Calw which turned out to be the highlight of the day.  Baden Baden was too un-user friendly to enjoy and the afternoon was a complete disaster because we had no plan.  Worst day of the honeymoon.

Morning routine

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So I spent the entire day today trying to do my morning routine (and deal with on call daily crap).  Felt like I was spinning my wheels and not actually getting anywhere.

Still, it was the end of on call tonight which meant plenty of beer and then dinner out with the boys :)

Two years ago today the sweetie and I went to Legoland Deutschland!! Which was an epic win day :):):)  And people do you have *ANY IDEA*.. I mean *ANY AT ALL* how hard it was to cull down my photos from that day????  I took 550 photos that day, and that was severely hampered by how much memory space I had at the time.  I cut it down to 58 for the blog...


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Walked around Lake Ginninderra in 58 minutes today.  Adductors hurt a bit and feet a bit sore.

Oh yeah, and I got to meet the UK CEO of the company that has caused me so much grief over the past year.  Fortunately he acknowledged the product had some serious flaws that they were working on as a matter of high priority.. hurrah!!

A couple of cool links:

Two years ago today we left Salzburg for Munich, then picked up a hire car and drove to Ulm.  Quite bummed that we didn't spend any time in Munich..  next time!!


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And I haven't hung out my washing or taken out the rubbish .. doh...

Two years ago today was a rainy day in Salzburg, so we went to mass, then out to Hellbrunn, and finally back past Schloss Frohnburg - the palace that was used in The Sound of Music!

Sunny Saturday

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Went out for breakfast this morning to Black Pepper, then feed the birdies by the lake and then did some shopping at the markets.

Duck at Lake Ginninderra
Fish hook swan
Stu pats a swan
Swan grabs food
Crow in flight
Galah preening
Galah hollowing out a tree
Big dog in a ute at the markets

This arvo was cleaning house all day and making Lego.

This evening Nat and Andrew came over and we watched some tv and played some Buzz and Wii.  And got the worst Pizza Hut pizza *ever* !!  Will be writing a letter to Pizza Hut tomorrow about how epic crap it was (nearly two hours wait and it was cold when it got here :( ).  But otherwise a fun night.

Some photos of today will be updated when I get around to getting them off the camera...

Two years ago today we visited Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna, then the Wiener Riesenrad (big Ferris Wheel).  
Crappy crap day today :(  Usually I'd be hanging for tomorrow afternoon, but instead I'll be dreading it.. *sigh*

Two years ago today we wandered around Prague.  Prague is a very beautiful city but we found it incredibly touristy - gaudy tourist stores everywhere, and money change stores in between every other one.  And hoardes.  Oh the hoardes.  


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Had an interesting afternoon at AGIMO this arvo hearing about Funnelback (after stopping in for lunch at Caphs in Manuka - I had a caesar salad which was nice enough except that it was completely devoid of any parmesan cheese :( )

Caphs Caesar Salad

Autumn dump
Autumn leaves

Then got a lift into town with the Windys and visited Stu's new office which I'd not seen before.

And then we headed out to dinner at Debacle.  I had a Stiegl and a Franziskaner, and Stu had a Pilsner Urquell and a Franziskaner Dunkel.  All very nice.  For dinner I had pork ribs which were epic nommmm and Stu had a completely gross pizza (anchovies, olives and chilli - yuk!!)

It's Friday!!!

Debacle Pork Ribs

Two years ago today we visited Checkpoint Charlie, walked along the East Side Gallery and went up the Fernsehturm.  So much more we could have seen but were tired and a bit stressed out.


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Me little brother and co were in Longreach today.  So friggen jealous.  Think might need to take a road trip or something next winter... 

Meanwhile... two years ago today we saw some of the remnants of the Berlin Wall at Bernauer Strasse, visted the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag, wandered through the Tiergarten and up the Victory Column, looked at the Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial Church and Schloss Charlttenburg and took more photos of everything on the way back..


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Had a crap afternoon today.  Had to talk for an hour straight which was incredibly draining, then got depressed about having my partition lowered and the log transfer situation.  Henrch made my day though (in a good way) which saved the day from being a complete disaster.  

Then the storms rolled in.  I thought I'd try and beat it on an early bus.  Only got wet a little bit.

Ominous clouds
Two years ago today we continued to explore Cologne - having mass in the cathedral, then wandering down the Rhine and visiting the Chocolate Museum, before more wandering around, then out for dinner at Osho's Place.


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Nothing really that interesting to say about today.  Work was busy, although I didn't get nearly enough done :/

Came home and apart from watching an episode of Survivor only managed to achieve one thing - getting photos online for our day in Cologne two years ago, where we walked up to the top of the cathedral, went on a walking tour of the old town, and did our washing.

Yesterday was a blissfully quiet day.  I don't think we even left the house.  Did some computer work in the morning, and some jigsaw, and cleaned the pool (while the sweetie had a migraine :( ).  Finished the evening off with a little beer, some tv and jigsaw.

Today we got up and ready then headed out for breakfast at Black Pepper, then did our shopping, then headed out to Yass for much nomms.  

Arts Centre over Lake Ginninderra
Duck at Lake Ginninderra
Duck at Lake Ginninderra
Ducks and swans at Lake Ginninderra
Black swan
Black swan

Noah's joints are a little freaky..!

Freaky Noah...
Freaky Noah...

And suddenly the weekend is over???  How rude!!
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