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So I haven't blogged all week.


I didn't want to blog until I'd finished blogging our Melbourne trip.  Which took all week.  Hrmmmm.

Nothing much really happened all week.  There was work.  And a day off.  And work again.  And beer.  And dinner at Taj Agra, which gave me the hiccoughs.  And more work.  

The day off was lovely.  Had a relaxing morning doing the jigsaw I got in Melbourne, and then going into town with Stu and having lunch with Melita.  Could easily have a day off every day!

Today we got ready relatively early and went to Satis for breakfast, then visited Little Sneezy/Whingey/Farty (haven't got a good nickname for her yet! Maybe Violet Crumble? hehee) and the rest of the family, then our food shopping and suddenly it's nearly 2pm.  Didn't do much with the rest of the afternoon, just jigsaw and kirigami catchup and Melbourne trip blogging.  

And now it's most definitely beer o'clock.  I tried to suggest it to the sweetie while we were out shopping that we could use some more beer, but we didn't end up getting any.  So had to pay 2-3 times the price at the local bottle-o.  Oh well...

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