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The Remainder

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So the last couple of days have been busy with more bits and pieces.

Mum went home Tuesday morning, and spent the rest of the day and also Wednesday morning doing "finance" type stuff - downloading various statements, sorting receipts (cross checking bank statements, chucking out the boring ones), that sort of thing.

Went out to feed various cats, then out for lunch, then did our food shopping for the next week.

Got home and Kit asked if we could help her taken Petal to the vet (her car is out of action), so did that, and had a drink at Bentspoke while we waited.  Like Wig and Pen it has interesting beers, and would be good to drop in every so often to try different ones.

This morning I've just been blogging the rest of my photos that need blogging.

Still have a lot more stuff I need to do this holiday break, and only four days left to do it ....

Before and After

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So here's some before and after shots of the fish area in the garage, the other corner of the garage, and the fridge.

To the untrained eye, they may not look that different in the before and afters (except the fish area), but trust me, they are *much* tidier!

Fish tank area - before fish tank area - after

Fridge - before Fridge - after

Garage - before Garage - after

So mum was here overnight Christmas night.  So didn't really get anything much done Boxing Day morning (we did beat the rain on a walk down to Chris' and raced back up during a brief lull - it pretty much rained solidly all day which was *awesome* for Canberra).  Around midday she headed down to visit the little brother in Junee.  I built SPACESHIP!! as well as started a jigsaw mum brought down for me.

In the evening Kit and later Ben came up for a while.

Yesterday morning I completely tided up the fish tank corner of the garage.  Things had been dumped there for months and you had to climb over things just to feed the fish.  Felt so much better to be able to go up to the fish tank without tripping over anything.

I also cleaned the kitchen and then almost completely cleared out the fridge.  I pulled everything out except the condiment shelf, cleaned the shelves, threw out some yukky stuff (including something of Potty's that had rotted in sealed plastic cups that once they were out of the fridge expanded and went off with a BANG - it was soooo loud it made my ears ring and I screamed.. Stu put ear plugs in and took the other cup outside and popped it out there), and then rearranged everything back into the fridge in an orderly fashion.  Felt so much better to have a clean fridge and be able to find everything again!

Then mum arrived back from Junee so didn't get anything much done after that.  Leftover roast pork for dinner.

Today while mum was out and about I spent probably six hours tidying the "workshop" corner of the garage in front of my car.  Mostly just organising all the crap that had just been dumped there over the past year or so.  Felt so much better to be able to walk around that area of the garage without tripping over anything, and be able to find stuff again.

Also did a wander to feed Doc's cat, and pickup a key to feed Annie's cat.

Christmas 2015

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Christmas eve we got to come home a little early and pretty much just chillaxed - most of the hard work of cleaning the house having been done the weekend before.  In the evening Kit and later Ben came up and we watched Life of Brian, and Holy Grail, and the very end of the carols after Kit went home cause she's allergic to carols.  We'd missed the Hallelujah chorus, so Ben and I found Christmas carols on YouTube to sing along to hehe.

Christmas day I vacuumed a heap of algae to waste - I felt bad about doing this again this summer, but I suppose Adelaide will thank me (and I needn't have worried - Canberra got something like 16mm of rain yesterday which gave Canberra a thorough soaking).

Then it was a bit of food preparation.

Christmas Day 2015

Chris and Zac came up first, then mum arrived, and we had roast pork and epic potato bake and veggies and junk food and bubbly.  It was all quite lovely.

Christmas Day 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Christmas Day 2015

A little while later Annie and the family turned up and did some presents stuff for the kids and had dessert - lemon meringue pie that Chris made, and pavlova that Annie made.

Christmas Day 2015

Christmas Day 2015

In the afternoon we had a swim, and in the evening we watched Die Hard 2.

Quite a lovely day!

Partying Continues

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Wednesday night we did a big food shop.  And I got some stuff for Friday's BBQ.

Thursday Kit came up for drinks and pizza, and then Chrissie came up with a bag of fish that she'd been carting around for a couple of days.  So I filled a small tank and dumped the fish in that.  The next morning I moved four of the platies and the catfish in with the krib.

Duckling (really!)

Friday morning it was out to Hawker to pick up 160 sausages - this year a full half of them were the chili ones that everyone loves (except me heh).  Also to the mall to pick up bread and salad stuff.  Thought we had *heaps* of money, so spent it on things like Tim Tams and ended up using up the entire budget.  So that worked out well.

And then it was organising transport for all the food and drinks.  So yeah organised and ran a BBQ for fifty people.  It all went really smoothly and I think everyone had a good time.  There were some drinks leftover, a bunch of the chili sausages (which I sent down the coast with Lachie), and some salad stuff (which I brought home but will need to be a bit careful about as it was sitting in the sun (in cold water) for a while).

Christmas party

Yesterday in the morning we went to the markets to pick up some deli meats and other goodies, then back home to make up about four salads - a caesar salad, a potato salad, a waldorf salad and a prosciutto and mango salad.  Annie and Stu came over first and the girls had a swim, then Potty and Kerry as well and we all ate lots of food.  Then there was more swimming.  And generally chillaxing.  A relatively stress-free family Christmas (it helped that I'd lowered my expectations *a lot* this year).  In the evening we watched Star Trek VI and the Carols in the Domain.

Christmas salads

Christmas meat platter

Family lunch

Also last night I moved the five danios from the two foot downstairs with the krib.  It's a lot cooler down there, and danios really don't like the heat.  I've left the five danios in the angel tank for now, and have been dumping ice in there as fast as I can make it.  I'd be making more, except our freezer (and fridge) are completely chock-a-block full.  We have enough leftovers from yesterday to last the entire week.  W00t!


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I have a document at work titled "drowning" with a chunk of my todo list, cause that's what it feels like. Eep!  So much to do it's not funny.  I did configure all the network interfaces on all the new firewalls today though which was good.

And I've been drowning at home too, trying to get the house respectable for the weekend, as well as the Christmas shopping and planning for a big family lunch.  Felt a lot better after getting the washing up done tonight though.  And pretty much all the family Christmas shopping is done. 

The biggest stress left is probably figuring out what we're going to cook and go shopping for it.  We were originally planning a roast pork lunch, but given that they're predicting temperatures of 36C we're thinking that might be a little silly, and maybe a cold buffet might work better - but would need to decide what to do.  hrmm.

Oh and I'm also organising a party for about fifty people on Friday.


Friday was the second of our big work parties.  A lovely afternoon.  

Afterwards I was all set to go to bed (after stressing about what the hell I was going to wear to a wedding the next day) when we got messaged by Kit to come down.  So we did.  And after complaining about the fact I had literally *nothing* to wear, she said "you can borrow one of my dresses" and I'm all WTF?? cause she's like super tall and thin and I'm short and fat, and how the hell could any of her things fit me, but then we tried on some dresses and one of them actually kind of suited me!  Freaky hey! (it was German! made in China!)

So Saturday I was still super stressing about the whole day, on account of scary unknowns and *having to wear a dress* so didn't get anything done all day (other than stressing).  But Kit did my hair in this super cool little updo thingie.

Have I ever mentioned we have the best neighbour *ever* ?

And then I had to finish getting ready and *makeup* and running late and stuff, which meant I was super stressed again.  


The wedding was lovely and pretty relaxed.

Richard Toni Wedding

Then we chillaxed for a while before heading to the reception.

Me in a dress

Which was also pretty relaxed.  Quite a lovely evening in fact.

Wedding reception

Wedding cake

Cake cutting

Today was trying to get the house sorted in advance of the whole family Christmas thing next weekend.  Achieved a bit of it but not nearly enough.  Then it was duck and wombok (which I tried to kill on account of being a slacker and not of watering it for a day) for dinner and then I hacked and hacked with the AV system to get the old DVD player attached to the working TV so we could watch Love Actually, which hey, I might just love a little bit and make the sweetie watch every year.  Sorry sweetie!

And now the sweetie has headed off to work and it's totes bed time!

Good night!

Weekly Checkin

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Not too much happening this past week.

Friday night Chris and Zac came down, and on Saturday we went house hunting for them.  As of Monday she's already been offered a place but still wants to find out about her favourite.

Saturday night was a bit of a party at Mishi's to celebrate her birthday/retirement/Christmas etc.

We did buy some new fish yesterday - four baby angels.  They haven't died yet.  And Stu bought some Endler guppies which are pretty cute (three out of four of his shrimps died for no good reason).

I've been busy doing my year in review post (getting in early this year and not leaving it all to the last minute), filing photos (one month a night, should have them all filed by the end of the year), planning for the next trivia night (omfg it's a lot of work), but not doing nearly enough house tidying...

Rooster and hens

George perched

George being Maru


To a pulp

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Last week was somewhat momentous for me - I was given a key to the racks!

My first project that required it was fighting with some firewalls that needed some pretty serious config changes, and needed to be consoled to for some of it.  So after a week of wrangling I beat them all into submission.  Pretty steep learning curve too - Sharpie was too busy to help much so I had to wing it pretty much on my own.  Good thing these things aren't live heh (yet!).

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