The Remainder

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So the last couple of days have been busy with more bits and pieces.

Mum went home Tuesday morning, and spent the rest of the day and also Wednesday morning doing "finance" type stuff - downloading various statements, sorting receipts (cross checking bank statements, chucking out the boring ones), that sort of thing.

Went out to feed various cats, then out for lunch, then did our food shopping for the next week.

Got home and Kit asked if we could help her taken Petal to the vet (her car is out of action), so did that, and had a drink at Bentspoke while we waited.  Like Wig and Pen it has interesting beers, and would be good to drop in every so often to try different ones.

This morning I've just been blogging the rest of my photos that need blogging.

Still have a lot more stuff I need to do this holiday break, and only four days left to do it ....

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