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I have a document at work titled "drowning" with a chunk of my todo list, cause that's what it feels like. Eep!  So much to do it's not funny.  I did configure all the network interfaces on all the new firewalls today though which was good.

And I've been drowning at home too, trying to get the house respectable for the weekend, as well as the Christmas shopping and planning for a big family lunch.  Felt a lot better after getting the washing up done tonight though.  And pretty much all the family Christmas shopping is done. 

The biggest stress left is probably figuring out what we're going to cook and go shopping for it.  We were originally planning a roast pork lunch, but given that they're predicting temperatures of 36C we're thinking that might be a little silly, and maybe a cold buffet might work better - but would need to decide what to do.  hrmm.

Oh and I'm also organising a party for about fifty people on Friday.


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