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Had a pretty productive weekend.  

(we also had our first fogs of the year this weekend)

First fog 2014

Yesterday was breakfast at Edgar's (Pulp Kitchen was too crowded to get a table).  I had the eggs bendict which was ok, but the bread was a bit of effort (too tough).

Edgar's Eggs Benny

Stu had the rosti stack (which I was looking at too) which was pretty good.

Edgar's Rosti

Did some food shopping after that, and then I hacked a bunch of portals while Stu got a hair cut, converting most of Civic for the Enlightened :)

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent clearing out piles and piles of paper.  Three in-trays *full* of paper cleared out, filing cabinet drawers tidied, *kilos* of paper thrown into recycling.  I even vacuumed the pool and put its cover on, although I didn't get to vacuuming the house.

This was really sad, since just that morning there were 2 Terabyte drives for sale in JB for $99 ... this is like two and a half thousand times the price!

HDD 1997 price

Tonight's dinner was very simple - just a pack of bacon bones, some split peas, an onion and a carrot thrown into a slow cooker with a bit of water, and come back in six hours.  And I took Julie Goodwin's suggestion and chucked a handful of frozen peas/corn in right at the end.  Super simple and very tasty.  The sweetie wanted thirds - must have been good!

Last Friday night we headed up to Sydney, staying at Mum's.

Saturday morning Mum and I went to have a look at my flat.  It'd been six and a half years since I had last seen it.  Sadly tenants just don't take care of things.  

Like the vanity - which had had so much water left on it over the years that it had gotten into the chipboard and swelled it all up and made it look disgusting, and the door was missing off it too.  

Woes of being a landlord

Or the light fitting in the second bedroom.  Who the hell loses light fittings?  And lots of stuff stuck to walls - I thought that was pretty much forbidden for tenants everywhere??

Woes of being a landlord

Or the vertical blinds, which I had in the two bedrooms and the lounge room.  But they're a crappy design and have a really thin bit of plastic holding them on, so if people let them swing about in the breeze from an open window or door, which tenants seem to do because they don't care, they break.  So now there's dodgy curtains in all three rooms.  *sigh*

Woes of being a landlord

Not to mention holes in doors, smashed tiles etc.  It was all a bit upsetting.

For the rest of the day Mum and I decluttered drawers and a shelf in the study - chucking out lots of stuff, reorganising things, and trying to sort out the hundreds of dvds Dad had made from shows he'd taped off tv.  Also David came over and we had another go a fixing the letterbox light, but something very weird is going on so he couldn't fully fix it.  At least now the light will come on when there's mail, but Mum has to go to the workshop to reset the light.

More decluttering

In the evening we headed to the other side of the world (ok the other side of Sydney) for George's 40th birthday party.  There was heaps of food and it was great to see lots of people I knew again, some of whom I hadn't seen since leaving Sydney (or even longer).

 George's 40th

George's 40th

Rob and Alison had these super cool lenses for iPhones (although designed for iPhone 4s, so I had to hold them in place on my 5).  I liked the fish eye and macro lenses.  Might have to get me some :)

George's 40th

George's 40th

Then there was cake cutting

George's 40th

George's 40th

And Pippi Longstocking impersonations.

George's 40th

We stayed til near the end, which meant we got coopted into helping clean up.  A good fun night.

Then Sunday morning we came home.

Cousin Dan

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Cousin Dan was in town for a training course, so we met up at the Wig & Pen (as you do) for a couple of beers (as you do).  Then we went to Asian Cafe for some dinner.  Stu got prawns in Yu Xing Sauce, Dan chose the shredded beef Peking style, which rivalled the Dumpling Inn's version, and I chose five-spice and honey duck.  All delicious!

Asian Cafe

Asian Cafe

Asian Cafe

And we felt like dessert, so got some fried ice cream :)

Asian Cafe

After dinner (watching lots of pretty flashing lights from the fire at Two Before Ten) we were waiting outside PJ's for the sweetie to hack some portals.. but PJ's called us, so we had another beer while the pretty lights finished up and went away.

It was great to catch up with Dan again, even though we'd only seen him a few weeks ago, but under sad circumstances.


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Went over to F&C's for a tasty German dinner.

F and C dinner

After dinner tried some of my Monkey Shoulder scotch that I got for my birthday, and also a bit of "Ardbog" - an Ardbeg that was very heavily peated, so hence the name.  It was yum :)



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Yeah so I've been a complete slacker.  And then some.

Tonight since getting home all I've done is sort out photos for blogging.

Sixty-two new photos to blog.  Not to mention the older ones that still haven't been blogged yet.

So I'll see what I can do.  In between Mighty Planes and Revenge and my washing.

So what else has been happening?

On Tuesday night we went and tried the bar under A. Baker.  We had a beer each, which were local beers.  As we were sitting there I noticed a Clonkilla wine on the shelves.  So I asked the bar tender if all the drinks there were Australian (excepting maybe the spirits of course).  But he said that the majority of drinks were in fact Australian - certainly the wines and beers, and where possible from near the Canberra region.  Even a lot of the spirts were Australian, although they did have some imports for the Scotches and Tequila.  We'll have to go back some time and sample some other stuff.

A Baker

After a drink we met up with Stu's old friend Katie in Dickson for dinner.  We got a selection of bits and pieces that included dumplings and pork buns and peking duck.

Dickson Dumpling House

Last night we went with Neil to the "Mapping our World" exhibit at the National Library.  It was good but a bit too crowded - really hard to get up close to read the info boards.  And it probably should have been called "Mapping Australia" because that's what it mostly focussed on.  It finished off with a lot of Captain Cook and Matthew Flinders' maps of Australia.  

National Library

Fra Mauro World Map

Captain Cook Botany Bay

Captain Cook New South Wales

Captain Cook New South Wales

Matthew Flinders Port Phillip Bay

Matthew Flinders Australia

Then we came home and watched The Shipping News.

I had a terrible week for sleeping.  Sunday/Monday/Tuesday I simply couldn't get to sleep and was a zombie most of the week.  On Wednesday I was desperate and took everything in the house that might help me sleep, including magnesium, a "sleep" vitamin pill, a valdoxan and a shot of scotch.  It had the desired effect and I got to sleep very quickly for once.  Although I woke up at 5am. Sigh.  Thursday night after drinks was also much better, although woke up at 4am with hurty so that ruined that.  Last night I finally got a good night's sleep - getting to sleep early and waking up late.  

What's been happening.

At work I've been fighting a really weird network problem trying to figure out what the heck is going on and not getting anywhere.

Thursday night I watched Grease on tv.  On Friday night we went to the Dumpling Inn for dinner then did our food shopping.  Watched Se7en with the sweetie, although I was getting really tired by the end of it and was struggling to stay awake.

Saturday morning we went to Ellacure for breakfast.  I had eggs benedict.  Sadly the bacon was over cooked (is that even possible??) and the eggs a tad overdone too.  Definitely not the best eggs benedict I've ever had.  The waitresses were lovely and service was prompt, however the place was packed so it was forty minutes from arriving to getting our food.

Ellacure Eggs Benedict

Saturday night after dinner I went over to Kit's for drinks as she had a friend over.  Stayed up a bit too late.

Today Potty and family came and picked me up and we all went out to the Hall Markets, which I'd never actually been to before.


Violet at Hall Markets

Other than that, mostly jigsawing.  Barely did any housework this weekend, although Stu achieved lots, so at least one of us had a productive weekend heh.

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