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What's been happening.

At work I've been fighting a really weird network problem trying to figure out what the heck is going on and not getting anywhere.

Thursday night I watched Grease on tv.  On Friday night we went to the Dumpling Inn for dinner then did our food shopping.  Watched Se7en with the sweetie, although I was getting really tired by the end of it and was struggling to stay awake.

Saturday morning we went to Ellacure for breakfast.  I had eggs benedict.  Sadly the bacon was over cooked (is that even possible??) and the eggs a tad overdone too.  Definitely not the best eggs benedict I've ever had.  The waitresses were lovely and service was prompt, however the place was packed so it was forty minutes from arriving to getting our food.

Ellacure Eggs Benedict

Saturday night after dinner I went over to Kit's for drinks as she had a friend over.  Stayed up a bit too late.

Today Potty and family came and picked me up and we all went out to the Hall Markets, which I'd never actually been to before.


Violet at Hall Markets

Other than that, mostly jigsawing.  Barely did any housework this weekend, although Stu achieved lots, so at least one of us had a productive weekend heh.

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