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Cousin Dan was in town for a training course, so we met up at the Wig & Pen (as you do) for a couple of beers (as you do).  Then we went to Asian Cafe for some dinner.  Stu got prawns in Yu Xing Sauce, Dan chose the shredded beef Peking style, which rivalled the Dumpling Inn's version, and I chose five-spice and honey duck.  All delicious!

Asian Cafe

Asian Cafe

Asian Cafe

And we felt like dessert, so got some fried ice cream :)

Asian Cafe

After dinner (watching lots of pretty flashing lights from the fire at Two Before Ten) we were waiting outside PJ's for the sweetie to hack some portals.. but PJ's called us, so we had another beer while the pretty lights finished up and went away.

It was great to catch up with Dan again, even though we'd only seen him a few weeks ago, but under sad circumstances.

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