Weekend catching up

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So what else has been happening?

On Tuesday night we went and tried the bar under A. Baker.  We had a beer each, which were local beers.  As we were sitting there I noticed a Clonkilla wine on the shelves.  So I asked the bar tender if all the drinks there were Australian (excepting maybe the spirits of course).  But he said that the majority of drinks were in fact Australian - certainly the wines and beers, and where possible from near the Canberra region.  Even a lot of the spirts were Australian, although they did have some imports for the Scotches and Tequila.  We'll have to go back some time and sample some other stuff.

A Baker

After a drink we met up with Stu's old friend Katie in Dickson for dinner.  We got a selection of bits and pieces that included dumplings and pork buns and peking duck.

Dickson Dumpling House

Last night we went with Neil to the "Mapping our World" exhibit at the National Library.  It was good but a bit too crowded - really hard to get up close to read the info boards.  And it probably should have been called "Mapping Australia" because that's what it mostly focussed on.  It finished off with a lot of Captain Cook and Matthew Flinders' maps of Australia.  

National Library

Fra Mauro World Map

Captain Cook Botany Bay

Captain Cook New South Wales

Captain Cook New South Wales

Matthew Flinders Port Phillip Bay

Matthew Flinders Australia

Then we came home and watched The Shipping News.

I had a terrible week for sleeping.  Sunday/Monday/Tuesday I simply couldn't get to sleep and was a zombie most of the week.  On Wednesday I was desperate and took everything in the house that might help me sleep, including magnesium, a "sleep" vitamin pill, a valdoxan and a shot of scotch.  It had the desired effect and I got to sleep very quickly for once.  Although I woke up at 5am. Sigh.  Thursday night after drinks was also much better, although woke up at 4am with hurty so that ruined that.  Last night I finally got a good night's sleep - getting to sleep early and waking up late.  

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