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Super busy day today.  I started off with 25 items on my todo list.  That expanded as the day went along to nearly 40.  I got a good chunk of it done which was good.  

Apart from general house cleaning, there was Christmas present wrapping and a bunch of food preparation for tomorrow (a couple of sauces for some proscuitto-wrapped prawns - 24 prawns is a lot of work to de-head and de-poop!!).  I had to use two egg yolks for one of the recipes so had to separate my first eggs.  Ever.  Yup, never done it before.  It was actually pretty easy.  But that left me with two egg whites.  What to do!?  Meringues!!  Found a recipe online, and they turned out a lot better than my last attempt.  And they also didn't last very long.  I went back to the oven just then and the rats had been to steal a couple ;)

Evening viewing was Carols by Candlelight (it's a tradition!) and another Christmas movie - Die Hard! :)

Merry Christmas and all that :)

The end

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End of work for the year - hurrah!

I didn't get nearly everything done that I wanted to.. hope noone needs anything too urgently in the new year..

Then went over to Tony's for a bbq lunch that lasted all afternoon and into the evening.  I dread to think how much I'm going to weigh tomorrow.. was eating (albeit mostly fruit) all afternoon.. oops..

Came home and watched Love Actually because it's totally my favourite Christmas movie :)

Almost there..

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Started freaking out last night about how much was left to do before Christmas, including just about all our Christmas shopping and a tonne of stuff to do at work.

Had a relatively successful day today, and most of our Christmas shopping is done.

Went to the Dumpling Inn for dinner - had the mixed chow-mein and shredded beef peking style.

Dumpling Inn
Dumpling Inn
But while taking those photos I've discovered that something is seriously wrong with Random Camera :(:(  The other day (can't remember when, maybe when I was trying to take photos of the bugs on the cherry tree), random camera wouldn't turn on.  Just dead.  So I swapped out the battery and all was good.  Charged it up and forgot about it.  Then tonight I tried to turn it on, and dead again.  Swapped the battery to get it to work.  So something is draining the battery completely even while the camera is off.  Most distressing and means I might have to go through the whole hassle of trying to get it repaired :(:(:(

Today we had Damien over to play war games with Stu, and then Tony, Heather and Jess came over for roast pork for dinner (which was probably slightly overdone, but with enough gravy and apple sauce you didn't notice too much).  So yeah roast pork plus lots of nibbles plus a little beer and wine plus Carols in the Domain and it totally feels like Christmas!! Hurrah!! :):):)

We had a game of Carcassonne after dinner which was fun, although I might have accidentally won.. whoops.. :)
Monday epic sucked.  Just a tonne of crap and not a fun day.

Tuesday heard some very sad news about a guy at work.

Wednesday went by relatively quickly.  Had a couple of wins but still a ways to go.  

So much for a nice quiet run down to the end of the year.  (Actually when has that *ever* happened?  Never in this job as far as I can recall!!)

This is a baby gak gak bird seen outside work last week.
Baby gak gak bird

Busy Sunday

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Had quite a productive day today, including having the house to myself for the afternoon while the sweetie went to see Wagner.

Did a bit of planning for the next month, burnt backup DVDs of photos, cleaned my desk (somewhat), vacuumed half the house, vacuumed the pool, cooked a bunch of veggies for dinner, and a few other bits and pieces as well. 

I still have lobster legs today :(:(


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Had a catchup night at Mishi's tonight which was lovely as always.  Lots of chatting and eating, and a couple of games (had two games of Split Decision, and later a game of Oh Hell (which I won, but we only went half way, from one card to ten cards) ).

My knees hurt!!  Stoopid sunburn :(:(
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