Christmas Eve, a little late

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Super busy day today.  I started off with 25 items on my todo list.  That expanded as the day went along to nearly 40.  I got a good chunk of it done which was good.  

Apart from general house cleaning, there was Christmas present wrapping and a bunch of food preparation for tomorrow (a couple of sauces for some proscuitto-wrapped prawns - 24 prawns is a lot of work to de-head and de-poop!!).  I had to use two egg yolks for one of the recipes so had to separate my first eggs.  Ever.  Yup, never done it before.  It was actually pretty easy.  But that left me with two egg whites.  What to do!?  Meringues!!  Found a recipe online, and they turned out a lot better than my last attempt.  And they also didn't last very long.  I went back to the oven just then and the rats had been to steal a couple ;)

Evening viewing was Carols by Candlelight (it's a tradition!) and another Christmas movie - Die Hard! :)

Merry Christmas and all that :)

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