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Depressing day today.

So much so that even with a fridge full of healthy food we ordered pizza.  And waited over an hour and a half for Crust to deliver it.  Shoulda gotten Dominos.

At least three brownouts tonight.  Stoopid storms.  We need to replace the batteries in our UPS.

And saw this bunny hopping around the front yard.  Stu didn't believe me, he said it was a rat.  I thought so too until I saw it hopping.

Wherein proving my camera has better eyesight than me - it was practically invisible where it was.


Sorting Sunday

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Spent some of this morning tidying up the area around my desk so that I could see the floor so that I could vacuum it.  Went to Fortune Box for lunch and wandered the shops looking for a present for the other Stu.  Went over to Annie's to drop it off and stayed and chatted for a while.  Came home and put up the Christmas tree! :)  Cooked a tomato bake and a cauliflower bake for dinner.  Didn't do much this evening.

Below is a picture of a photo we saw in the Asia Bookroom next to the Dumpling Inn.  They weren't exactly sure of the owner of the photo album - it was some businessman who worked a lot in Singapore.  They'd done a bunch of research and apparently they'd even identified some of the people in the photos.  The whole album was very well labelled.  I think my parents' photo albums will have plenty of historical value in the future since they're all so meticulously labelled.  Mine.. hrmm.. well I'm trying .. :)

But anyway.  This picture.  I showed it to Stu because he's been wanting to setup some sort of reading space somewhere.  We still haven't figured out where.  But if he decided not to have his desktop computer setup, we could turn that corner of the study into a little sitting room like this.. could be cool.. if it didn't get turned into a dumping zone.. and if we could find homes for all the stuff Stu has on his desk...

Sitting Room

Woke up pretty early and dumped forty litres of water collected overnight into the pool.  Pool is 1cm off being full (after I vaccuumed to waste the other week).  

Got ready and went and returned the oncall phone to Neil.  This was too early for the sweetie so went and did food shopping by myself since I was already out.  Ran into Damien which was nice.

How good does my shop look?

Grocery shopping
(that was everything I bought this morning.  A lot less impulse buys and fancy products without the sweetie around lol).  

On the way home I stopped to document Ginninderra Creek... do you think Lake Ginninderra might be a little bit full from all that rain overnight?  Normally the creek is just a little slow flowing creek way down low on the right.  Today it was flowing strong and *way* up!

Ginninderra Creek
Ginninderra Creek
Annie and Noah came over before lunch so that also was really nice.  Then have been pottering around the house, and feeling a lot better than I have all week.

Training, Day 3

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Day 3.. meh .. still not learning a whole heap.. just a few bits and pieces.
Not helped by not being able to breathe :/

Went and saw the DPC today which was pretty cool.

Got back to hotel at 5pm and it was still sunny, so headed out again for a wander.  Got some Haigh's chocolate, had dinner at a very mediocre Japanese restaurant (takoyaki was pretty dodgy and their okonomiyaki was ok but I think I like my (Lisa's) version better!) and walked around in squares around the CBD.

Only one more day to survive then go home.

Training, Day 2

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Felt pretty sick today.  If I'd been at home I might have stayed there.

Was an ok day two.  Learnt a few things, but not a whole heap that I hadn't already learnt by playing with the device.

Had lunch with Daniel and Pablo.  Stoopid cafe with far too many people that kept bumping into me - very stressful :( But a nice catchup after I calmed down.

Felt a bit better in the evening.  Went to the Mitre Tavern with Phil for a pint of Mountain Goat and salt and pepper squid.

Another early night for me though.


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Sick of being sick.

Fortunately today wasn't too taxing.  Small course, only four people, and I know two of the others.  Turns out Canberra was cancelled because the dude wasn't in the country or some such nonsense.  Whatevs.

So didn't learn too much today - knew most of what was being talked about. 

8:30pm.  Think will go to bed in a minute.

Over the hills

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Dropped off Tony after a painful two hour meeting (Which started at 4pm. On a Friday. I know!!)  .. and ended up staying for a couple of beers and takeaway Thai from Mork's.  Lovely relaxing evening on the deck chatting, eating and drinking.  :):)

Busy Day

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Had a pretty busy day doing lots of bits and pieces.

Productive evening doing washing, cleaning the pool, yummy lamb leftovers for dinner, "life" paperwork, photo sorting.

And discovered that there really was a system change made to the web host for this site - as evidenced in a changed format of the log files from that night back in September.  I replied back to the last mail, dunno if I'll get any response.

Here's a couple of miscellaneous photos.

A nice sunrise the other morning
Dramatic sunrise
Cadbury Screme Eggs, seen in Coles Belconnen
Cadbury Screme Eggs
A poppy in the front yard
Dramatic lighting of trees next to Belconnen Way
Belconnen Way Trees
So had a pretty decent weekend.  Went out for brunch yesterday morning - into Civic and tried "Cafe Garema" which used to be "My Cafe" (which had given us pretty appalling service once so hadn't been back).  I had eggs benedict (my favourite cafe breakfast) which were pretty good.  

Cafe Garema Eggs Benedict

The rest of the weekend alternated between doing this jigsaw (5 hours, 37 minutes worth) - 

Raining cats and dogs jigsaw
and lots of housework, gardening (whoever had the idea to graft ornamental cherry trees onto aggressive root stock should have been shot), photo sorting, "life" paperwork, and finishing my lifetime list of flights (I've been on eighty planes in my life! (a few repeats)).

Cooked a heap more veggies for dinner tonight - a riot of colour!  Had a small amount of leftovers.

Capsicum, zucchini, mushrooms, red onion, carrot, potato, sweet potato, with fresh oregano and rosemary, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.. yumm!
Riot of veggie colour


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Went to Potty's for various curries tonight.  Jeff and Ruth were there.  We haven't seen them in the two weeks they've been in town (except the first time we all saw them two weeks ago).  Neither have Scott and Kerry.  Yeup.

So watched some inappropriate YouTube videos, and channel surfed on telly.  And fell asleep on the lounge.
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