Sorting Sunday

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Spent some of this morning tidying up the area around my desk so that I could see the floor so that I could vacuum it.  Went to Fortune Box for lunch and wandered the shops looking for a present for the other Stu.  Went over to Annie's to drop it off and stayed and chatted for a while.  Came home and put up the Christmas tree! :)  Cooked a tomato bake and a cauliflower bake for dinner.  Didn't do much this evening.

Below is a picture of a photo we saw in the Asia Bookroom next to the Dumpling Inn.  They weren't exactly sure of the owner of the photo album - it was some businessman who worked a lot in Singapore.  They'd done a bunch of research and apparently they'd even identified some of the people in the photos.  The whole album was very well labelled.  I think my parents' photo albums will have plenty of historical value in the future since they're all so meticulously labelled.  Mine.. hrmm.. well I'm trying .. :)

But anyway.  This picture.  I showed it to Stu because he's been wanting to setup some sort of reading space somewhere.  We still haven't figured out where.  But if he decided not to have his desktop computer setup, we could turn that corner of the study into a little sitting room like this.. could be cool.. if it didn't get turned into a dumping zone.. and if we could find homes for all the stuff Stu has on his desk...

Sitting Room

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