Super Saturday, So Far So Good

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Woke up pretty early and dumped forty litres of water collected overnight into the pool.  Pool is 1cm off being full (after I vaccuumed to waste the other week).  

Got ready and went and returned the oncall phone to Neil.  This was too early for the sweetie so went and did food shopping by myself since I was already out.  Ran into Damien which was nice.

How good does my shop look?

Grocery shopping
(that was everything I bought this morning.  A lot less impulse buys and fancy products without the sweetie around lol).  

On the way home I stopped to document Ginninderra Creek... do you think Lake Ginninderra might be a little bit full from all that rain overnight?  Normally the creek is just a little slow flowing creek way down low on the right.  Today it was flowing strong and *way* up!

Ginninderra Creek
Ginninderra Creek
Annie and Noah came over before lunch so that also was really nice.  Then have been pottering around the house, and feeling a lot better than I have all week.

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