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Travel bug

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Was planning on not leaving the house at all today, however the sweetie wanted a Scottish Restaurant breakfast after last night heh.  So I went off to Bunnings first up to pick up a few things.

Then home, did some photo sorting, and this jigsaw of Yokohama Bay Bridge in an hour and a quarter:

Yokohama Bay Bridge jigsaw
Also did some thinking about and planning for my next trip.  Getting excited :)

Mini Dinner Party

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Went out for brekky this morning to Black Pepper.  Had eggs benedict as is tradition.

Then did our food shopping at the markets.

Not much this arvo, just on the computer.

Did a pork roast and Josh and Ally came over for dinner and it was a very pleasant little dinner party.  Pork was super awesome, good veggies, and dessert was some creme brulees we got from Knead this morning.  Yum yum yum :)  And a good excuse to trot out the nice dinnerware :)

Quiet day at home yesterday, didn't even leave the house.

The sweetie cooked kangaroo for dinner.

Tonight he cooked a Japanese curry (sort of).

Here's a couple of photos of sunflowers.


This morning I slept in til about 10am, which is completely unheard of for me!  I was shocked :)

Then the sweetie and I went into town to see Arietty.

What a delightful movie!!

Sweet, sad, and stunningly animated.

The sweetie wants to move into Sho's family's house heh.

So yeah, thoroughly enjoyed it.

We saw it in Japanese with English subtitles.  Which is at least one good thing about the Dodgy Dendy.

So after that we grabbed some lunch in the food court, then went and did out food shopping.  I debated buying some "Australia" but they only had big jars, and we'd *never* get through it.  So just documented them instead.

Australia Vegemite
After putting away the shopping, we brought up Stu's new chair.  Well, brand new second hand.  But he got a pretty sweet deal (the person he bought it off had recently spent like $380 getting it reupholstered (Stu paid ~$100) and the dude's father in law wasn't too happy that he was getting so little for it).  This is not its final home (although I do like it where it is - I can sit and watch my screen saver from it :) )

Purple Arm Chair

Then I sat down to do a 1000 piece jigsaw.  It took about three and a half hours.  Probably the fastest I've ever done a 1000 piece jigsaw.  And because it promised to be so easy, I took a timelapse of it.  Which I might put together tomorrow.

Milky Way jigsaw

Saturday I got up at a reasonable hour and went and picked up supplies for the evening.  Brought home some Maccas breakfast.

Then spent pretty much the whole day cleaning the house.  Oops.  Finished up like a quarter of an hour before people started turning up.

So yeah, four Davids, a Neil and a Simon came.  We started off by playing some rounds of Buzz until everyone arrived.  Then DC arrived with pizzas, and we watched The Big Lebowski, followed by Blazing Saddles.  I struggled to keep awake through Blazing Saddles ;)   My favourite part was when they zoomed out of the fight scene to show the Warner Bros backlot.  Very cool :)

Then most people went home, but Doc and Windy stayed for a bit of Singstar (and I set a couple of high scores for Poison and Heaven is a Place on Earth :) ).  Slightly late night.  Oops.
Friday night Neil and I decided to go to the lake for a quiet pint.  That was a lovely end to the week in itself, but a breeze came through and it was just awesome (and the HaHa Bar was amazingly uncrowded for a Friday).

Beers at the Haha
Then we walked up to Jamo to meet the sweetie for dinner at The Dumpling Inn.  We couldn't get a seat immediately so sat by the fish tank feeling slightly sad for the fishies.

Fish at The Dumpling Inn
And then Neil asked: "Is there a blog out there for the oldest magazines in waiting rooms?"
... 1997 ?!??

Old magazine
We ordered the traditional Shredded Beef Peking Style, crunchy and awesome as always.

Shredded beef Peking Style
Three cups wine chicken in hot pot, which was *amazing*, I really loved this (even burnt my tongue on it trying to eat it faster!).  Must have been all that hoisin sauce :)

Three cups wine chicken
And braised scallops with ginger and shallot sauce.  The scallops were melt-in-your-mouth good!

Braised scallops
And finished up with fried ice cream

Fried ice cream
It was pouring with rain from the storm, so we drove Neil home, but didn't do our shopping as planned.  Oh well.

Boring Blogger

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Haven't blogged much this week.  Mainly because nothing much has been happening.  This weekend was pretty much just jigsawing and cleaning the house.  

Kore came back on Friday night with new boyfriend Rhys? Rees?  in tow.  We started watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail until he had to leave.  Stu took Kore to Sydney yesterday and she flew out this morning.

The UPS overloaded last night, possibly as a result of the storm.  So that meant pulling out my computer desk, which made the perfect opportunity to give the area a proper cleaning.  So study still has a bit to go on my side, but is much cleaner.  

Also last night, National Lampoon's Vacation was on telly.  So of course I had to watch it.  Because it so totally reminds me of my Legoland failure in London a year and a half ago.  What I'd forgotten was that it was filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain - which I've been to, and they went on the Colossus and the Revolution, so that was pretty squee.

Cooked lots of veggies for dinner tonight.  A few leftovers, and still a bunch of other veggies in the fridge.  Now to cut down the salt .. and exercise more....

The Great Catchup

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Ok so I really haven't blogged all week.  Whoops.  This post will be really boring, feel free to leave now ;)

Got home from River Island.  It was hot.  We went for a swim.  I made a pasta bake for dinner.  Did Singstar for a while until my dementia upset Kore.

Slow morning. Hungry Jacks for lunch.  Went for a drive around Canberra (I'll put the pics in a separate post).  Did some food shopping.  Kore made a chorizo and egg tortilla dish for dinner which was super yummy although could have used some vegetation, corn maybe?  Watched Finding Nemo and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.  Kore also spent an hour de-seeding three pomegranates.  So much work for seemingly not much result!  Yummy though :)

Kore deseeding pomegranates
Pomegranate seeds

Sick, no sleep last night.  Oh yes, every time I got to Sydney I come home with a cold.  Was just a cold this time.  Wednesday night was the worst because of the runny nose which meant I didn't sleep well at all.  Lay in bed til midday (didn't really sleep).  Scanned some stuff I brought home from the parents' - all my school reports and uni/school results.  Finished a jigsaw of Neuschwanstein borrowed from the coast.  Cooked some kangaroo steaks for dinner with a nice leek side.

Neuschwanstein jigsaw

Finished scanning the school reports folder.  Did some photo sorting from the end of the Sydney trip.  Didn't leave house except to walk down to Tony's for some rosemary.  Cooked a lamb roast for dinner.  Watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Peter Pan (Kore and I totally got our Jason fix ;) )

Not much in the morning.  Was offered to be taken out to lunch (Subway) while the sweetie went for a swim, but in the end I paid.. not sure how that worked.  Hrmm.  Read news feeds.  Started a new jigsaw.  Got pizza for dinner.  Watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Quiet morning.  Kore left for Puckapunyal with a friend she's known online for years.  Worked on the jigsaw.  Took down the Christmas decorations (sadmaking).  Updated blog entries (go back and see Sydney day 5 and day 6 if you care).  Did our food shopping.  Visited Annie.  Came home and Stu cooked a lovely pasta dish with smoked mussels and creme fraiche - better than any pasta dish I've ever done!

And so comes the end of the holiday.  I'm so not ready to go back to work :(  It's so nice to have the house to ourselves again too.  Back to reality I guess.... 

If you made it to the end, congratulations :)  And while you're here you can wish my blog a happy blogiversary - nine years old today :)  (and David Bowie turns 65 - happy birthday! :) )

Happy New Year!!

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So back from Sydney, with thunderstorms thrown in for good measure.

Too hot this afternoon to do anything, or eat anything but fruit for dinner..
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