Sydney Day 6

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New Year's Eve started relatively early, as we headed out to Kogarah to meet Fiona for brunch (after documenting the statue of Bruce Lee that was put there earlier in the year).

Bruce Lee

The first cafe we went to refused to give us any service and the menu didn't look inspiring so we left and went to Alexander's.  I decided to go for a lighter breakfast since I was going out for lunch.  So had waffles which were pretty good.

Waffles at Alexander's

It was great catching up with Fiona again.


Kore and Stu headed back into town (they wandered around bookstores) and I walked over to Luc and Lizzi's for lunch.  It was great catching up with those guys too.

Santa Yoda

I stopped in at Woollies at the station to pick up some supplies for the evening before training it back into town and a bit of a snooze (don't think I actually slept though).

View from Citigate Central hotel

So our new year's evening was spent having a quiet party at the hotel with some champagne and lots of nibblies (not all consumed though - there was heaps!!). 


At 9pm we went onto the hotel pool deck (which was even on our floor) and watched the fireworks over Darling Harbour (shoulda taken the tripod out, oh well).  


A bit before midnight (a bit later than I was hoping), we hopped on a train to North Sydney and walked down to Lavendar Bay to watch the fireworks.  This would have been a great spot, except we were so late getting there (we arrived at 11:50) that the only place to stand was quite obstructed by trees.  But Kore certainly got the idea which was the main thing.


Headed back to Central, and Stu went back to the hotel while Kore and I went off to find me little brother, who had brought a train up from Canberra.  Had a drink with D&Y on the train which was great.  Left the train around 2:30 when it was scheduled to head back to Canberra.

Train from Canberra

So all in all a pretty good end to the year :):)
We headed pretty much straight home to Canberra in the morning, dropping Kore off in Mittagong to go to River Island with D&Y for an extra night.

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