Nice weekend part 1 - Friday

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Friday night Neil and I decided to go to the lake for a quiet pint.  That was a lovely end to the week in itself, but a breeze came through and it was just awesome (and the HaHa Bar was amazingly uncrowded for a Friday).

Beers at the Haha
Then we walked up to Jamo to meet the sweetie for dinner at The Dumpling Inn.  We couldn't get a seat immediately so sat by the fish tank feeling slightly sad for the fishies.

Fish at The Dumpling Inn
And then Neil asked: "Is there a blog out there for the oldest magazines in waiting rooms?"
... 1997 ?!??

Old magazine
We ordered the traditional Shredded Beef Peking Style, crunchy and awesome as always.

Shredded beef Peking Style
Three cups wine chicken in hot pot, which was *amazing*, I really loved this (even burnt my tongue on it trying to eat it faster!).  Must have been all that hoisin sauce :)

Three cups wine chicken
And braised scallops with ginger and shallot sauce.  The scallops were melt-in-your-mouth good!

Braised scallops
And finished up with fried ice cream

Fried ice cream
It was pouring with rain from the storm, so we drove Neil home, but didn't do our shopping as planned.  Oh well.

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