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I haven't been super stressed at work so much lately, but I have been in the past.  Sometimes it helps to realise that if I have a bad day, or if I get distracted by crap and forget something (that happens a lot), noone will die!!  There's certainly no way I could ever be an Air Traffic Controller, that's for sure.  I wonder how life has been for her these past twenty years...

Barely got any sleep after 3am this morning.  Hoping I have better luck tonight.
.. keep going most of a week without blogging that is?  Far out I'm a slacker..!

So a couple of miscellaneous pics from the week..

Some vertical balancing.. I call it Vertical Art
Vertical art
Another foggy cobweb.  I really have trouble getting sharp photos of these things :(
Foggy cobweb
Saturday we went into town for breakfast and to take photos of the Diamant Hotel after the fire.

Diamant Hotel Fire
Diamant Hotel Fire
Diamant Hotel Fire
And in the evening we went out for a (sort of) surprise birthday party for Andrew at Mecca Bah.  I was feeling anxious leading up to going out because I knew I wouldn't know the majority of people there and I'd more than likely have to talk to lots of strangers.  Sure enough, that's what happened.  But the sweetie was able to keep up some conversation, and a little wine certainly didn't go astray!  The food at the restaurant was really good, but almost completely inaccessible - none of the dishes came with any kind of serving implements (we ended up asking for some), and the pide wasn't cut (one of them came with a regular dinner knife, but not all of them even had that!).  It was also crazy expensive for the banquet ($42.90 per person).  Still, we really did enjoy the food, when we could get at it!

Koopa Andrew
Have spent a lot of the past week on the jigsaw.  Made pretty good progress too.  Here's a couple of pics comparing last Sunday night with tonight.  I've basically done the majority of the animals in the middle this week.

Cooked a super awesome roast pork with potato bake tonight.  Massive amount of crackling that turned out really well, unfortunately at the expense of the meat which was a little dry.  

And suddenly the weekend is over and it's back to the grindstone tomorrow...

Clean up week

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This week is an officially sanctioned clean up week at work.  Which would be nice except that's what I've been doing for the better part of this year anyway.  Wasn't sure how much difference one week would make to me.  So I thought I'd do things like clean out my inbox, workgroup files etc.  So far so good yesterday, but then today we found a problem that needed fixing pretty urgently, and a couple of us spent over half the day fixing it.  Such is the way of our jobs I suppose.  I didn't feel like doing much after that because it was too depressing starting my day at 2:30pm.

Tonight my step count was really low because I bussed all the way home instead of only half the way.  Was going to cycle but the call of the jigsaw and bed was just too strong.

Did a few things this weekend, but nothing really photo-worthy (except some scanning - see below).

Friday night was Jesus Christ Superstar at the Q.  I'd never actually seen this musical before, and my only exposure to it was the John Farnham/Kate Ceberano/Jon Stevens version of 1992 where several singles made it to the charts.  I have to say I wasn't too convinced by the interpretation of the story.  OK so it was told by Judas' point of view, but I didn't really like the portrayal of Jesus.  And if you didn't know the story I reckon you'd be struggling to follow a lot of it.  The performance itself was decent enough (for an amateur production - always difficult to decipher lyrics when sung by a chorus unless the singing timing is spot-on) - the girl who played Mary was pretty awesome.  But yeah, not the greatest of musicals.  Give me Joseph any day ;)

Saturday was breakfast, shopping, cleaning the house and cooking (a reasonably decent veal scallopini which I'll blog about separately one day when I've refined the recipe).  DaveO came over after dinner for Buzz, Mario Kart, Singstar and, when his voice gave out, Sports Resort.  

Sunday was just pottering around the house, jigsawing, scanning photos, reading news feeds and sorting out thousands of photos.  Only 2136 steps so far today - a decent chunk of those from bopping while doing the jigsaw.  Also more cooking - a massaman curry, that didn't didn't turn out as well as the last one I did, not sure why.  Maybe too much steak/potato/stock and not enough paste.

And suddenly it's the end of the weekend .. *sigh*.  

Here's some of the photos I scanned today.

Me and Guy's cat Tutu at Lake Macquarie, March 1997
Karen and Tutu at Lake Macquarie
My first ever "CIA Pic" - some of the hardware supporting CIA in early 1997
CIA hardware, 1997
Marc Betbeder at 10 hours old - the youngest baby I'd ever seen at that stage.  Only surpassed by Violet at 3 hours last year.
Marc Nemo Betbeder-Matibet
The Broadway shopping centre being constructed, as seen from the offices of CIA in 1997.  I actually have this photo printed out and stuck to my desk, all these years later!
Broadway shopping centre from CIA
My bedroom in 1997, showing my new computer desk, which I'm still using at this very moment!
My room in 1997
A "snow" trip we did in 1997.  Pete's family had a time share in Perisher that we got to go stay at with a group of friends.  No lifts were running but we did have some fun tobogganing, and I even found some money under the chairlifts :)
Perisher Valley


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Waking up at 5:30 after going to sleep after 11:30 will do that to you ..

OK day today, lot of wandering around chasing things and people up.  
For dinner, cooked a tomato bake and an experimental cabbage bake that the sweetie liked and wanted seconds of! Win!

Here's a nice sunset photo I got at work a couple of weeks ago.
Work sunset
And Buzz Lightyear with a halo (of Christmas lights that I really should take down..)
Buzz Halo


Thursday night after drinks we went out for dinner to Thai Chiang Rai.  We got the $35 banquet, but in my mind it was over priced.  There wasn't that much food, or variety for that matter.  I only remember two meat dishes and a vegetable dish for mains.  That place is always pretty hopeless though. 

Bunny ears
Then we headed up to AMF for a couple of games of bowling.  That was lots of fun, even though I did pretty badly (I always do!)  76 and 86 for my scores  I did beat a couple of the guys though, so that was pretty nifty :) 

The computer system at AMF is completely borked.  I didn't get registered for spares I got - not once but twice!  After the first time though we figured out how to reprogram the actual scores, because it got them wrong over and over again.  

AMF bowling
AMF bowling
I got one strike, in the very last frame of the first game


Documented the "Square Peg in a Round Hole" (as Doc has dubbed it) sculpture.  RiotACTed too :)

Square peg in a round hole
Then walked home with Tony

Lake reflections
Had a shower then headed out straight away to meet up with Dave and Steve (the sweetie was meant to come but he had to go to Melbourne for work) to see Much Ado About Nothing.  As always I spent the first part of it trying to figure out who was who and what was going on.  That mostly sorted itself out and I might have actually enjoyed it, except I had restless legs through the *entire* thing and spent more time getting stressed out about that concentrating on the play.  Two and a half hours of sheer torture :(:(:(:(  Makes me question whether I can *ever* go to the theatre again :(


The sweetie wasn't going to be home til mid afternoon, so I did some menu planning for the week, then went out grocery shopping.  By myself.  First time in three and a half years!  Freaky ;)

Cooked a variation of Alan's Beef Stew (no sour cream and much more tomatoey), and redid the Violet Crumble Cheesecake slice.  This time I found a more solid cream cheese instead of the "spreadable" stuff, which made the slice firmer which was better.  I also bought four big bars of violet crumble, since you can't buy pieces in bags in Australia anymore :(:(  The real violet crumble was a lot nicer that the dodgy-brothers brand, although probably three times the cost. Oh well.


Another foggy morning.  Took a time-lapse of the end of it, but next time I'll try and remember to setup and record the whole thing instead of starting when it's partly cleared.

When I was shopping yesterday, I saw Coles had packs of streaky bacon. They called to me.  Loudly.  So had bacon and egg for breakfast - yummmmmm!!

Streaky bacon
Breakfast of champions

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