It's been a few days...

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Thursday night after drinks we went out for dinner to Thai Chiang Rai.  We got the $35 banquet, but in my mind it was over priced.  There wasn't that much food, or variety for that matter.  I only remember two meat dishes and a vegetable dish for mains.  That place is always pretty hopeless though. 

Bunny ears
Then we headed up to AMF for a couple of games of bowling.  That was lots of fun, even though I did pretty badly (I always do!)  76 and 86 for my scores  I did beat a couple of the guys though, so that was pretty nifty :) 

The computer system at AMF is completely borked.  I didn't get registered for spares I got - not once but twice!  After the first time though we figured out how to reprogram the actual scores, because it got them wrong over and over again.  

AMF bowling
AMF bowling
I got one strike, in the very last frame of the first game


Documented the "Square Peg in a Round Hole" (as Doc has dubbed it) sculpture.  RiotACTed too :)

Square peg in a round hole
Then walked home with Tony

Lake reflections
Had a shower then headed out straight away to meet up with Dave and Steve (the sweetie was meant to come but he had to go to Melbourne for work) to see Much Ado About Nothing.  As always I spent the first part of it trying to figure out who was who and what was going on.  That mostly sorted itself out and I might have actually enjoyed it, except I had restless legs through the *entire* thing and spent more time getting stressed out about that concentrating on the play.  Two and a half hours of sheer torture :(:(:(:(  Makes me question whether I can *ever* go to the theatre again :(


The sweetie wasn't going to be home til mid afternoon, so I did some menu planning for the week, then went out grocery shopping.  By myself.  First time in three and a half years!  Freaky ;)

Cooked a variation of Alan's Beef Stew (no sour cream and much more tomatoey), and redid the Violet Crumble Cheesecake slice.  This time I found a more solid cream cheese instead of the "spreadable" stuff, which made the slice firmer which was better.  I also bought four big bars of violet crumble, since you can't buy pieces in bags in Australia anymore :(:(  The real violet crumble was a lot nicer that the dodgy-brothers brand, although probably three times the cost. Oh well.


Another foggy morning.  Took a time-lapse of the end of it, but next time I'll try and remember to setup and record the whole thing instead of starting when it's partly cleared.

When I was shopping yesterday, I saw Coles had packs of streaky bacon. They called to me.  Loudly.  So had bacon and egg for breakfast - yummmmmm!!

Streaky bacon
Breakfast of champions

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