Alan's Beef Stroganoff

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So this was dinner tonight.  And here's what I've been working on for a recipe template.  The idea is it has the actual recipe, as well as a section for variations and notes, and finally a shopping list to make it easy for menu planning.

Not that I ever follow recipes like this directly, I tend to improvise somewhat and tend not to measure out things (except when baking cakes etc).

This is Alan's recipe for beef stew (he didn't include the paprika or sour cream so technically his isn't a stroganoff), with the variations added to make it a stroganoff.  He also always does his in a big electric fry-pan.  Until tonight that's always how I did mine too.  But thought would try it tonight in the slow cooker - better surface so doesn't need as much stirring and easier cleanup.

Pretty much my favourite recipe of his.  Just the other day marked ten years since his heart attack, and apparently he's still going strong...

Alan’s Beef Stroganoff




1kg chuck steak, diced

500g bacon, diced

1 onion, diced

3 cloves garlic, crushed

1 bag mushrooms, sliced

1 tin diced tomatoes

1 pack cream of mushroom soup

4 tbsp flour

2 tbsp mixed herbs

2 tbsp paprika

150g sour cream

200mL red wine

1L beef stock




Brown bacon and add to slow cooker

Brown onions and garlic and add to slow cooker

Brown mushrooms and add to slow cooker

Put flour, soup packet mix, herbs and paprika into a plastic bag with no holes and mix

Add chuck steak to bag and coat in the mix

Brown the steak and add to slow cooker

Deglaze the pan with some red wine and add to slow cooker with a goodly amount of wine

Add the remainder of the flour mix to the slow cooker

Add tin of tomatoes to slow cooker

Cover with stock

Cook on high for four hours or low all day


At the end, add the sour cream to lighten the stew


Serve with rice and/or peas and corn



Options and Notes

Red wine is optional, as are several of the ingredients, including the bacon and the tomatoes.  Use garlic to your taste.

It doesn’t matter too much what order you brown the ingredients

You can do this in an electric fry pan too – brown everything then turn the heat down to simmer, stirring every so often




Fresh Ingredients Shopping List

Pantry Ingredients Shopping List

Ingredients in stock

1kg chuck steak

500g packet bacon




Sour cream


Tin diced tomatoes

Cream of mushroom soup

Red wine (eg Shiraz)


Mixed herbs


Beef stock



Lisa said:

oooh I love strog! Such a nice winter warmer!

May 2, 2011 8:19 AM


Kazza the Blank One said:

It is! One of my favourites :)

May 2, 2011 6:44 PM


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