Why do I keep doing this?

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.. keep going most of a week without blogging that is?  Far out I'm a slacker..!

So a couple of miscellaneous pics from the week..

Some vertical balancing.. I call it Vertical Art
Vertical art
Another foggy cobweb.  I really have trouble getting sharp photos of these things :(
Foggy cobweb
Saturday we went into town for breakfast and to take photos of the Diamant Hotel after the fire.

Diamant Hotel Fire
Diamant Hotel Fire
Diamant Hotel Fire
And in the evening we went out for a (sort of) surprise birthday party for Andrew at Mecca Bah.  I was feeling anxious leading up to going out because I knew I wouldn't know the majority of people there and I'd more than likely have to talk to lots of strangers.  Sure enough, that's what happened.  But the sweetie was able to keep up some conversation, and a little wine certainly didn't go astray!  The food at the restaurant was really good, but almost completely inaccessible - none of the dishes came with any kind of serving implements (we ended up asking for some), and the pide wasn't cut (one of them came with a regular dinner knife, but not all of them even had that!).  It was also crazy expensive for the banquet ($42.90 per person).  Still, we really did enjoy the food, when we could get at it!

Koopa Andrew
Have spent a lot of the past week on the jigsaw.  Made pretty good progress too.  Here's a couple of pics comparing last Sunday night with tonight.  I've basically done the majority of the animals in the middle this week.

Cooked a super awesome roast pork with potato bake tonight.  Massive amount of crackling that turned out really well, unfortunately at the expense of the meat which was a little dry.  

And suddenly the weekend is over and it's back to the grindstone tomorrow...


Missy said:

Like the Vertical Art. ;-) My weekends are no longer breaks; they are simply continuations of the grind.

June 27, 2011 5:17 AM


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