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Got offered a job today.

They've gone off to see how long they can wait for me...

Independence Day

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Someone mentioned Independence Day today so of course I had to watch it. In fact I hadn't even opened the dvd yet.. (and I've had it over two years!!) :)

The silly thing is, this movie and Mars Attacks! are so fused in my mind I have trouble remembering which movie is which :) (well at least with the trailer trash part anyway :) )

Organ Donation

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I just want to make this clear now. If I'm brain dead for whatever reason, I'd like my organs to be donated. I figure once I'm gone I won't need them anymore and someone else may as well have them. I have an organ donor card in my purse (and it's on my licence), so if it ever comes down to it, Stu, D&Y, this means *you* need to tell them it's ok.

Could lose it

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My little finger, which has essentially been bandaged non-stop for the last two weeks, smells funny. In a bad way. It looks perfectly fine, it's happy and dry and pink, it just smells, and there's a bit of a loss of sensitivity. Am risking going without anything on it for the moment, as the nail is mostly separated from the skin now..

Return of the 707

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Saw this way-cool documentary today called "Return of the 707", where they had found Qantas' first 707 in Southend in England, had a team of volunteers restore it to flying condition, and then flew it out to Australia. I'm kicking myself that I didn't tape it, would be cool to watch it again. Sadly, after all of that effort, they're just going to stick it in a museum :(

Some more cool info on it here.

Poker nonsense

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Went to another CIA poker night tonight.

All well and good except the whole buy-back-in thing really annoys me. You never quite know where you stand, and it encourages reckless/aggressive bidding. By the third buy-in I'd lost interest in playing. Went all in on a pair of aces and beaten by three fives. But whatever, I didn't care by that point and just wanted to go home.

Don't know that I'll be going to any more. It's really just a waste of money considering how crap a player I am.

At least I had a very quick run home.

*FINALLY* finished reading "Cordelia's Honor" by Lois McMaster Bujold today. What a painful two years that was. Yes, it took me nearly two years to slog my way through it. I'm not sure what it was, but the story just didn't grab me at all. I couldn't for the life of me see what she saw in him. I had no idea most of the way through it who was who - not helped by breaks of several months here and there. Arian's favourite author. One of Stu's as well. I, however, don't think I will be subjecting myself to anymore of her works.

Now I can start on other books in my "to be read list". Finally.

Google Whore

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I've become a Google Whore. I now have Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Reader open constantly, regularly use Google Earth and Google Maps, sometimes use Google Groups, and play with Google Sketchup.

Gmail and/or Google Calendar have massive memory leaks though. After leaving them open for any length of time, memory usage for the browser climbs and climbs until my puta grinds to a halt. It seems to be a problem in both IE and Firefox. I suppose the alternative is to reload the browser every so often, but that's a pain in the butt at the best of times. Hopefully someone will fix it.

I've also been using the Google news reader for a week or two. It worked really well last weekend, and was able to keep up with my news feeds from Stu's place. (SH - you *can* UNmark an item as read - just untick the "Mark as read" box.. seems to work ok for me anyway). The biggest problem with it is with people that don't have full feeds, or have badly formatted full feeds (Delmer this means you). To read the entry you have to click on the link to read the article at its source. Which opens up a new browser window which is messy. I prefer how FeedReader does it by opening the article within the frame.

Does anyone know why some Blogspot feeds have the full feed and others just have the beginning/abstract?

At the moment I'm thinking I might try and use the Google Reader for most stuff, and keep using Feedreader for people with messy feeds...

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