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One thing Canberra does very *very* badly, is provide basic services - like PETROL! The nearest petrol station to Stu's is 4km away (actually there might be another one a bit closer, bit it's in the complete opposite direction to anything useful). That petrol station also happens to be the only one between his house and the NSW border 15km away. So when that only petrol station is closed for renovations, and you really want to get petrol before you get going, then the only choice is to drive half way into the city to get it. How utterly bumheadful is that??

Not to mention that the queues in that solitary petrol station on a Friday night are often back out onto the street.

There's rumours of another one being built nearby, and it can't come soon enough IMO.


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I'm so glad Dave ranted and raved about how good Veronica Mars was all those years ago. Otherwise I might have missed out on it when it started airing here. After his comment about rewatching it, I did just that, and watched season 1 all the way through again. It certainly stands up to repeated viewings. Think will be getting it on dvd if they ever release it here.


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Watching Curse of the Black Pearl on telly again tonight. Lot of fun that movie. Will watch Dead Man's Chest again this week too (sorry Kirk I've been a slacker :( ). All in time for At World's End.. wanna go see it Kirk? :)

The old dude who used to live across from me (whom I dubbed "singlet dude") apparently has moved out (or died??). Seems I have new neighbours.


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I consider myself lucky. That even though I'm 300km from my boy, I can still see him essentially whenever I want.

On that note, I have to celebrate with Di on getting a visa to be with her boy, on the other side of the planet! where being with him depended on the government of another country.

Do Not Call

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Finally, a Do Not Call register for Australia.

It's open!!

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Dave's Artificial Duck Shop is now online! Just now in fact!

Now if I didn't have to wait on two other people, I could have gone and bought something...

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