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Watched The Princess Bride tonight. Picked up for $5 at Big W a while back. Way cool movie :)
Tempted to have the minister say "Mawwiage. Mawwiage is wot bwings us togevah. .. today." at our wedding ... hehehe

Even worse that Labyrinth to watch for quotability I think lol.

Miss Stu ...


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I know there's a lot of people out there that feel passionately about Daylight Savings (usually the ones that hate it and think it should be abolished). I for one wish it went for longer (or even all the time). Yes I hate getting up in the dark in winter. But I hate getting home in the dark even more. Once it gets dark at home *nothing* gets done. I only get stuff done around the house when it's light. Once it gets dark I just sit at my computer. And I don't want to go out for a walk when it gets dark either.

Feeling a bit down.

Seventeen years

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Seventeen years ago tonight, starting at 6:30pm on a Saturday night, I saw Labyrinth for the first time. So tonight, at 6:30pm, I started watching it, for the first time ever on DVD. I missed seeing it around this date last year (I usually watch it around the same time once a year) because I was thinking I'd be getting it on dvd but somehow never got around to it. So when I saw it cheap in JB Hi-Fi yesterday I decided to get it :)


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Had an interview today. It went ok. -ISH.

Not sure that I did all that well. Don't really I think I answered the questions they way they wanted. *sigh*

Oh well.

Gangster Movies

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I so don't get them. Actually what I don't get is how come they rate so highly on IMDB (can you tell I've been working through some of my unseen list in the IMDB top 250?). Watched City of God tonight. I wouldn't put it at #17 of the best movies of all time. Although I'd rate it a lot higher than the Godfather movies which were boring and next to impossible to follow. I just didn't get them. Can someone tell me what I'm missing?


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Watched Metropolis tonight. It was pretty cool. I think though it'd be more fun with a bunch of people to sit and speculate what they are saying .. at times like these I wish I could lip read!! :) And sheesh it's bordering on pornographic for 1927! hehe

Of course when it was done I couldn't help but put on Video Hits II to see Radio Ga Ga, but of course you can't just stop at that, you have to watch the whole thing, so I've been singing along like a drunk crazy person .. oh wait, that's what I am! hehe

So Stu *finally* has broadband. It's only taken 10 months!! iiNet proved to be completely hopeless over nine of these months, so Stu abandoned them and went with Internode. Who apparently kicked Telstra up the bum and got them to fix Stu's line so it'd work with ADSL.

So this is all very exciting. I might even be able to telecommute occasionally :)


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Went to a wedding today. Ok so technically I didn't *actually* go - in fact it was 12 years ago! No instead I recorded J&G's wedding from vhs onto dvd. It was pretty cool :) And gave me some ideas for my wedding too heh

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