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Job Application

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So I spent the whole night tonight working on a job application. This is a big shock to the system. I haven't had to write a job application in probably eight years. And my resume hadn't been updated in seven. Most of the skills listed were completely out of date. Like NetBeui!! heheh.

I don't think it's all that good. It was very rushed (it's due tomorrow). Oh well, will have more time for the next one...

Set top box

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So Jake lent me a set-top box to try out here.

The good news is I can now get channel 2 and SBS quite clearly on it (on analogue it's completely crap, sometimes so bad you can't get it at all). Except for some ads which freak it out completely.

The bad news is 7 and 9 are also a little freaked out and jerk the screen up, kinda like a vertical hold problem.

So it kinda works and would be kinda useful. But don't know if would be worth going out and buying one. Unless Jake wants to do me a very good price heh. Then there's also the question of how I'd fit it into my current setup without adding *another* device to my aerial loop and potentially losing quality overall...

Had dinner at the Tradies tonight for the various annivesary celebrations. Afterwards me little brother came over and we did a Bunnings run to pick up some supplies, then he came and replaced some washers and reseated a couple of taps. Taps that have been grinding since I bought the place six years ago!! Turns out I'm really going to need to replace all my taps completely as there's just so much gunk and crap on the old ones.

Pulling apart the hot water tap in the shower was fun. This is a tap I always had to use my whole body weight to turn off so it wouldn't drip. The washer was completely disintegrated! heh. And it doesn't grind anymore!! woot!!

Anyway, so the process tonight was more an assessment than anything. Will have to get meself six pairs of taps and then bribe me little brother to come back and install em. How's some cash and a roast dinner..? hehe


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Tidying the flat somewhat crazily so I can take lots of pics of the state it's in now for Phothosynth. This so that things can be packed up and taken to Canberra. Now if only there was room at the other end for everything :/

Bullet Point Monday

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hey, Dave is doing it :) (go read that entry - the cartoon is hilarious, had me rotflmao :) )

  • spent most of Saturday throwing out my uni notes. Several trips to the recycling bin and it's *full* of my notes. Also some more school stuff. Culled eight very full boxes into two 3/4 filled boxes.


  • some success at Freecycling things from the weekend. All my uni ring binders and stuff are promised, as well as a print that's been in the family for 30 years. And a student from my uni says she'll take a lot of my biochemistry/genetics text books, either for other students or the college library. Way cool!

  • upper with gmail is that it has a nifty api for mobile devices, which makes checking it on the blackberry awfully easy. My next phone is so going to have internet on it, even if it's not a blackberry.

  • downer with gmail is that you don't see your own posts to yahoo groups, because of it's "unique threading technology". Bah what a crock. So I never know if my posts have been approved to the groups until someone emails me.

  • Loverly dinner at Marylon's last night. Got a neato photo of fruitbats in flight on the way home

    fruitbat fruitbat

  • The handover of some of my roles at work is making me depressed. Specifically when P starts making messes of things and is reluctant to clean them up. All those years I worked to get things tidy is just going to go down the drain when I leave.. I can tell..

  • Went for an hour walk tonight, and yet still managed to get everything done that I wanted. Fairly happy about that. Although quite tired from being up in the middle of the night for an hour kicking the stoopid mail server :(

  • SAV in its wisdom decided that now, after twelve years of sitting on my computer, Trumpet Winsock containts "Hacktool.Nuker" and quarantined it. What a piece of crap software (SAV that is)!

  • Today's APOD is way cool, check it out

    There we go, I think that's enough catchup for one night :)

  • Airwolf

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    I watched some of one of my Christmas presents tonight - the pilot movie of the 80s TV show "Airwolf". And it was just as good as I remembered it! Which is really unusual for 80s shows. Usually they're very lame (Knight Rider as case in point). But this had very little 80s lameness. The pilot was beautifully filmed, with great music and a fantastic helicopter.

    I was in love with that helicopter when I used to watch it as a teenager. And had a bit of a crush on Stringfellow.. the strong silent type heh .. and Santini (Ernest Borgnine) was really cute too, especially how he used to call Airwolf affectionate names like "the lady" hehe.

    I bought a model of it way back then, but I was a lot younger then, and stuffed the thing up. So a year or so ago I bought another one on ebay, which I haven't built yet, but will soon. Here's my original one..

    Airwolf model

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