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Engineering Science

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One of the subjects I did for my HSC was Engineering Science. We did it across the road at the boys school, because as a girls school we didn't *do* such things :) In fact it was the first such co-ed subject, in the years before the two schools ended up merging.

I *loved* this subject. It was a cross between physics, chemistry and technical drawing. The physics part was the most fun. I was very good at the drawing. The "materials" section wasn't as interesting, possibly because we had a different teacher for that part.

The most fun I remember having was a project where we had to design a truss, then build it out of light wood, predict where it would fail, and then load it up with weights until it broke. Many of the trusses actually were so strong we almost ran out of weights! heh. Mine would have held my own weight. I predicted mine was likely to break through a joint rather than a beam, because I figured the joints weren't as strong, being attached with wood glue and light nails. Turned out I was right :)

When it came time to sit the HSC, I had just met my first boyfriend. Being in that early besotted phase, I found it very hard to concentrate on my studies. So much so, that for engineering science, I literally only studied for an hour and a half the day before the exam. But, given my apparent talent for the subject, I managed an examination mark of 85/100, with an assessment mark of 86/100, putting me in the top 10 percentile band in the state. It was my best result, ranking-wise.

So tonight when I was sorting through school notes, I could bring myself to throw out my physics (although this was very hard) and chemistry notes, and most assessments, but I couldn't quite throw out the engineering science notes just yet. Maybe in the next cleanup :)

Argh! So not fair!!!

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I won't be in town for this. No fair no fair no fair!!


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I'm amazed at how thoroughly useless my higher school education was. Really. I mean it was useful for getting me into and through uni, but the real world? I use basically *none* of anything I learnt during the HSC in real life. In fact the only mathematics I use is pretty much just simple arithmetic. When was the last time any of you needed calculus to run a windows server? Some of the general science stuff I suppose stuck, but really just as general knowledge. I had a bit of a giggle over my year 10 geography notes (1989) which were predominantly USA and USSR. Ah the joys of the cold war lol.

As you may have guessed, I've been purging my old high school stuff. I am keeping some stuff, mostly things that were creative, or that I put a lot of effort into, or were useful or informational. I've also got a pile of stuff that I'll scan before chucking.

And remind me never ever to move house during summer, or overpack book boxes.

Saw it

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So I saw McNaught. Was a bit grumpy cause there were just as many clouds as yesterday, and the same frigging pattern of cloud build-up on the satellite loop. So didn't think I'd see anything. And very nearly didn't. Except for that some other people were there looking as well, and had been there before and knew where to look, and had much better eyesight than me, and pointed it out - woot! So I saw the thing. Mind you it was rather tiny. Or maybe it was just all the clouds in the way. Only saw it for a few seconds between cloudbreaks. But I did get to borrow the dude's binoculars and saw it through those for a few seconds too. It looked nothing like the photos. Well it did through the binoculars, but it was next to invisible with the naked eye. Or maybe I just need new glasses.

You should

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Stop saying you should. Or you need to. I need to. Stop saying it. An idea wholeheartedly agreed with.



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Yeah yeah I know, I've ranted about it before, we're metric here so I really should be using kilojoule's. But hey.

So I've been looking at my calorie intake. Trying to figure out ways to cut it down without changing anything too drastically and sending me into unsustainable shock :) And trying to think up things I could do for smaller lunches (when I love warm food and would rather eat that than a salad any day). But one thing I did decide I could try is to cut my orange juice intake. I drink probably ~400 calories a day in OJ alone!! That's flipping ridiculous. So I'm going to try and cut back a bit and just drink water at lunches for a start and then dinners (with vitamin c tablets instead). We'll see how we go...

Casino Royale

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Casino Royale

Well what can I say. The movie was great. The experience was upsetting.

So George and I walked in and sat down. In plenty of time to see all their adverts. Then literally 30 seconds into the movie these f@#%head losers walk in and claim that we are in their seats. I've been in allocated seating once or twice before, but the cinema was not crowded when we arrived, and noone was paying attention to their tickets anyway. The ticket sellers *did not* tell us there was allocated seating and to look at our tickets, and we didn't notice before we sat down that it even *was* allocated seating. So what we should have done was just said piss off and gotten them to go get security. They would have then had to move whoever was actually in our seats, and the whole cinema would have been in chaos. Really really should have done this. Instead in a bit of a fluster because the movie had started, we moved. To like row three because THE MOVIE HAD FRIGGING STARTED!!!!! These tossers should give up any rights to allocated seats if they walk in after the movie has started. It's the most pathetic behaviour I've come across in humans in a long time. And cowardly too - they disappeared as soon as the movie finished. So we missed the whole opening sequence of the movie. And were quite upset the whole way through.

Fortunately the movie was great. Quite enjoyed it. The airport scene was awesome, loved it heh (or maybe it was just all the planes hehe). The bit in Venice was funny too because I'd been there just this morning on my computer! Check it out - it's way cool (although I couldn't get it to install at home, but did at work). It doesn't have the corny one liners that other Bond films do. But lots of chases and explosions and implosions heh. Worth seeing, just not with buttheads.

It was time

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The last time I bought a hair brush was ten years ago, after the one I had previously was lost in the bag that was stolen out of Luc's car when we were rollerblading one day. I've been thinking about replacing it for a while. So as I walked past a hair dresser today and saw the brushes near the entrance, I decided to look and see if they had one like I got last time. And they did! Woot!!

New hair brush

I'm tempted to get a couple more of them to last me a lifetime, but they're $28 each .. ouch ..
Makes brushing my hair a whole lot more difficult too - so much more resistance now! :)

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