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Check this out.. :)

One of my neighbours was moving out this morning. Rather than carting all the furniture down three flights of stairs, the removalists were lowering things down on material straps.

Very cool :)

I really need to get Star Trek VI on dvd. Watching it again on the tape I recorded off tv. I would have had it months ago if Atlantic DVD could get their act together. Even though they say they will ship when an item is in stock, they tend not to. But then you sit around for weeks wondering if they're going to send it or not.

Leftover chicken and potato for lunch *and* dinner, with more left for other meals this week yayy

Wonder if this post is long enough to get past the image...

Well my mini dinner party last night went well I think. Roasted a chicken for three hours in a very slow oven and it was utterly delicious. And, experimenting further with roast/grilled veggies, I found this recipe page, which I modified and simplified somewhat.

My variation:

  • Whole button mushrooms, stalks removed to leave a cup in the middle
  • Dollop a small spoonful of a premixed blend of butter (or margarine), garlic, lemon juice and chopped basil
  • Grill until mushrooms are cooked and butter is all melted through


  • Fantasia 2000

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    Fantasia 2000

    Watching Fantasia 2000 tonight which I haven't seen in *ages*. I used to watch this a lot at Marrickville while slightly drunk, and being a Friday night I thought I'd have the odd shot of Drambuie, Cointreau and Vodka (not together ;) ) and watch it.

    I first watched this with Cynthia in December 2000, just after I'd been to America, and the Rhapsody in Blue scene brought back memories and "been theres" of Grand Central Station, Rockerfeller Ice Rink, and Times Square. That, and the flamingo scene are my favourites on the video. It's starting to deteriorate though, I should probably invest in the dvd.

    The cool thing about being slightly drunk is that you think of things on impulse, and suddenly I have a dinner party planned for tomorrow night :) Gonna need to go shopping for a few things tomorrow though.

    MacGyver on DVD

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    From an email Paramount Home Entertainment sent me today:


    It's time to put that duct tape and paperclip to good use! Your all-time hero is back and ready for action!

    MacGyver comes to DVD January 25th!

    MACGYVER: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON features all 22 hour-long episodes. Find it in stores and online this week!

    Check out for more information!

    Paramount Home Entertainment

    To which I responded:

    cool! what will be the recommended retail for it in australia?

    and when are you going to release star trek TNG for less than $180AUD
    rrp? I am not willing to pay more than $80 a season, which seems to be
    the going rate for other tv shows on dvd. Why is star trek well over
    twice the price or other tv shows?

    Somehow I doubt I'll get much of a response. But one things for sure, I won't be buying Star Trek, or MacGyver, unless Paramount stop their money-grabbing ways and sell their tv show dvds at a reasonable price.

    Australian flag

    It felt like a Saturday today. Funny that.
    Although have to go back to work tomorrow. Pity really.

    There was a funny story on the news about a woman born on Australia in 1915 who was named "Australia". She married a man called Day, and ended up as Australia Day.

    And it was such a lovely day today, and I spent the whole day inside, working on ciadsl pricing changes, and sorting out lego. hrm.

    Finding Neverland

    I saw Finding Neverland tonight with the parents. It was delightfully sweet, I really enjoyed it.

    Of course I had a powerful urge to come home and watch Peter Pan afterwards, which I'm doing now :)

    I also found a cool page that has a stack of trivia, like for example that Sylvia (Kate Winslet) was the aunty of Daphne du Maurier (author of Rebecca).

    Goodbye Grandma

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    Grandma Coates

    Grandma Coates died today. OK so she wasn't actually my grandma. But for ages, that's how I knew her, because that was what my friends whose grandma she was called her. In fact, she lived in Melbourne and I only ever met her a handful of times, although I did stay with her when I went down to Melbourne for Hao's wedding, drove her car around town while I was there, fixed her computer, and she called me kazza which I thought was very cute. So it was strange that I was so upset by it all. Especially since she'd been very sick for months, and we know she's going to heaven so will see her later anyway.

    She was such a lovely lady, and her rather large family and everyone else that knew her will miss her terribly.

    Slide Night

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    So tonight I had a slide night for my usa photos. I was originally intending to do this on two nights so that people could choose the night they were free. However a decent chunk of people didn't rsvp, either because they never received my emails or smses or who knows what. I won't go into how bitter/upset/depressed that all made me, think it's safer not to go there.

    Of those that did decide to come, they all came tonight. In the end ten people came! It was actually rather crowded in here!

    I also couldn't get a data projector from work, the boss has decided the new policy is no lending (ok, so the last time I asked was about five years ago). Was thinking it was going to be a disaster having to crowd around my monitor. However then I remembered that Luke has one, and so asked if he could bring it with him, which fortunately he did.

    We had to fuss about a bit trying to get the thing to work with my puta - it only wanted to play in widescreen modes which my video card doesn't support, until someone figured out how to change the data projector from widescreen to 4:3 mode. yay. So we could go ahead after all :)

    Just after we started, Fi asked if there was a soundtrack, to which I said "yes" and got up to start the cds which I'd gotten in america - Azkaban, Peter Pan and Chamber of Secrets soundtracks which we listened to a lot of while we were away. They were all lined up, just had to press play. It was funny actually, they were almost perfectly timed, and finished basically on the second last slide. Very cool.

    Took just over three hours to get through 1800 photos. Probably would have gone faster with fewer people, as there was much digressing. We also had an intermission in the middle to get more drinks/food etc. I think everyone that came enjoyed it. I hope so anyway.

    I should definitely make up some slides for a title page, an intermission slide, and a "the end" slide. But then again not sure how likely I am to do this again. As far as I know, only two or three other people I know in real life are interested in seeing these pics.

    Anyways, now I have to put this place back together again and generally clean up. Tomorrow.

    Or so the Cold Chisel song goes.

    Not going to work tomorrow, it's too much of a depressing thought having to face *him*. And I don't have my car, so it'd be all too hard anyway. Debating whether I ever want to have lunch with them again, since neither of them like me very it much it seems. I mean what's the point of spending time with people that don't like you? The problem is I hate eating lunch alone, and I'd probably just feel more bitter that they're having lunch without me.

    I was thinking I should just not tell them and just not show up .. make them think my parachute didn't open.. heh

    To reiterate, why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane? Well that's what I was thinking for about a second and a half on the edge of the plane, and then we were in the air and it was all too late :)

    So I called up Sydney Skydivers a couple of days ago to see if they had availability for today, which they did, at 8am. All good. Then last night they called me to see if we could be there at 7am. wtf? It takes an hour to get there, and we'd been planning on leaving at 7am already. Checked with Ric, he decided we could manage, so I was up at 5:15am.. blerk!!

    We arrived at 7am and filled out all the necessary paperwork - "skydiving is inherintly dangerous" and "we don't take any responsibility for your death" and all that :) Then sit around for a few minutes wondering how long we'll have to wait, and then it's suddenly time to suit up. Mike was to be my jumping instructor dude. A very quick rundown on the landing (keep your feet right up) and the takeoff (bend ze knees, arms crossed, head up, then arch back, keeps arms crossed til a tap on the shoulder, then relax and enjoy the ride), and a test run of holding your legs up for landing. I asked Mike what would happen if he had a heart attack on the way down and couldn't pull the chute - he said there was an automatic release of the reserve chute at 2000' if all else failed.

    Five minutes later we're in the plane and strapped to the floor. Being on the floor we couldn't see out the tiny windows, but after we'd reached 2000' Mike said I could get up and have a look out the windows, which I did. We could see the Hume Highway and Lake Cordeaux and Lake Cataract, as well as the airfield and Picton. Then we hit clouds and lost visibility somewhat.

    At about 12000' we got ourselves all attached and goggles on, and the door opened. A few people went before me and it was kinda bizarre to see them just plumetting to earth. Then we were up. We were there for a mere second or so before falling out. Gosh it was loud. Next time I'm taking earplugs!! I almost put my arms out too early, but remembered and pulled them back in again. Once we were stably horizontal I guessed I'd be able to put them out again, and sure enough, tap on the shoulder. The freefall was very fast (yeah duh), and I found that I could spin us around by moving my hands the right way. Mike was doing this too. Very cool. We were heading right for a small cloud when suddenly there was this jerk. Didn't hit the cloud. And all the noise went away! :) Got to enjoy the rest of the ride down at a much more sedate pace, and could actually appreciate the scenery. Mike spun us around in the chute a few times, although the G-forces on the straps squeezed out the circulation in my legs! heh. We saw the plane we went up in come back into land, and saw a small plane take off from a backyard airstrip across the road.

    The airfield is right next to the Hume Highway, so for the longest time it looked like we were heading straight for it. Some of the people in front of me got *very* close before sidestepping to land near reception. Mike landed us right next to Ric, who'd jumped before us.

    So it was like, totally awesome dude..! :) A great rush after the initial "what the hell am I doing?" thoughts. Ric had problems with his ears not equalising, but I was ok. Then we wandered back to the office and de-suited and picked up our certificates. If I go back within three months I can get $100 off a jump.. does anyone want to come with me? :)

    Then we did a quick detour to visit Yvonne and David before coming home again.

    And now I have to go back to boring reality stuff, including work which I'm really not that interested in doing at the moment cause the boss couldn't be stuffed returning my calls and emails. Maybe I'll take Monday off or something. Also need more sleep. Five hours really isn't enough for me :)

    The Incredibles

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    The Incredibles

    Saw The Incredibles tonight, which was, well, incredible.

    Thoroughly entertaining, amazing graphics, great story.

    Quite a bit darker/edgier than previous Pixar offerings, not such a kids movie (people getting killed and machine guns everywhere).

    A few times I forgot I was watching computer graphics, they were so good.

    <comment on seeing it by myself deleted>

    Oh yeah

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    My brother got himself engaged the other day apparently, but that's all the details I have, because as soon as he told me he hung up on me and then wouldn't answer the phone when I tried to call him back.

    * sliced home grown tomatoes
    * shredded tasty cheese
    * shredded parmesan cheese
    * fresh basil

    Grill tomatoes til warm, then top with cheese and basil, and grill til golden.

    That was my dinner tonight. A semi-healthy start to the year after last nights general indulgence. I think I need to use my griller more. And eat more veggies. Maybe that can be my new years resolution :)

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