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Forgot to blog, but bed time now

Recipe to feel better

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Gary Sinise

Simple recipe to feel better:

  • Add Gary Sinise (CSI: NY)
  • Enjoy!

    Except need a few extra lines here..

  • Flying High

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    Watching Airport 75 tonight (part of the Airport Terminal Pack). The beginning was cool - filmed at Dulles airport in DC (been there!! :) ). The whole first half of the movie I'm thinking "gee that's a lot like Flying High! (Airplane! in the US release).. the nuns singing on the guitar with the girl needing a transplant.. and since when did nuns travel so much, and then in first class ???? And then to have a hole ripped out of the cockpit and but a mere breeze blowing through it?? I went sky-diving once, and at probably half the speed the wind was unbelievable. The conditions in the cockpit should be similarly unbearable. But the technical specifics of actually flying a 747 are pretty cool. And there is some cool footage of a 747 flying through the Rocky Mountains. I've yet to come to the really silly part of transferring a person into the plane tho.. :)

    Been having my fair-share of dopamine-releasing chemicals tonight.. with pizza in the toaster oven heating up for dinner.. yumm.. :)

    Fly or be invisible?

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    If you had the choice, you would you be able to fly, or be invisible? They were discussing this on the radio this afternoon. I'd take being able to fly any day. Yes it would be very cool to be invisible, but there are still plenty of ways for people to detect you, and it's effectiveness would be diminished. I'd love more than just about anything to be able to fly. I've spent many hours over the years fantasizing about it.

    Ordered a new phone today. I've had my little 8210 for over four and a half years. But the battery life frustrates me, even after we replaced its battery a while back. Ordered two others for two other people also. Getting a 6100. The prerequisites: decent battery life/talk time, and tri-band. Speaker phone also useful. So anyway. Should hopefully get that in a few days.

    Had a very cool dream about Dave last night. We'd gone to visit him.. my parents were there though.. doh.. heh. Silly thing is, after all this time, I've never really had any dreams about Jason Isaacs. I used to have David Bowie dreams all the time years ago.

    Really not random

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    This is the second time my cd player has played songs from my two Sound of Music soundtracks right next to each other. Last time it happened it played the same song from the movie sound track and the Australian cast soundtrack next to each other. This time it put another song in between them, but it's still pretty spooky, especially as I think it's the same song on both occasions (16 going on 17).

    Watched The Day After Tomorrow at the parents place after lunch today. It was very strange then coming out and driving home in blue sky and sunshine...

    Jude Law

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    Jude Law

    I normally have a thing for older men, but occasionally someone a little younger comes along that does it for me. Like Jude Law. He's *hot as*. First noticed him in AI. He was on telly tonight in The Talented Mr Ripley.

    Of course now I've found this big pic of him I'll have to do an extended entry.. heh.

    My new favourite meal is roast chicken. It goes something like this:
    * put a Steggles marinated tender chicken in a baking dish in the oven
    * come back three hours later
    * enjoy!

    That's seriously all you need to do, other than make some gravy to go on top.
    I've done three of them in the past couple of months, and every time they've turned out deliciously tender.

    hrm. entry still not long enough.

    This would be, if I were a writer, I'd fill in the blanks of my boring life with some witty comment on the world.

    But alas, I really have nothing to say.

    Zero Hour

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    Watched the 9/11 episode of Zero Hour tonight. Highly disturbing/upsetting for me. Some people are just utterly sick.

    Kinda puts my gripes about the others going to subway without me yesterday into perspective somewhat.

    Three new seasons of tv tonight.

    Three episodes of The Amazing race (well one long one from last night and the one from tonight). Lotsa fun, the usual crazy mix of crazy people.

    ER, into it's what, twelfth year? It's been so long since the end of the last season though had trouble remembering everything they left off on.

    And Lost. Has potential I guess. Although the "yeah right" factor is pretty high. Like a plane falling from 40000' and the entire front 10m of the plane in perfect condition, no dents, scratches or crumpling, and the pilot still alive. Yeah right. And one of the engines of the plane still running after the crash. Yeah right. Still, everyone is raving about the depth of the stories and characters, so maybe I'll watch a bit more.


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    Went and saw Somersault at the Bondi outdoor theatre tonight. Was average. Nicely shot, but not much story. But hey, it was free :) Ric got free tickets and was trying to find someone to go with, and at the last minute calls me up. Called Sami to see if could tape the Amazing Race for me, which he could, so I went. Plus they gave us a free drink after (to be presented at a pub up the road). The pizza slice I had for dinner was pretty crappy tho. Oh well :)

    Managed to avoid the rain, but there was a lovely lightning show off to the south. Northerly + Westerly = Lightning :) And driving home got to see a fantastic light show. And rain. Lots of it! :)

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