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Last Wednesday night we went along to the Library to go to an "author talk" - they had Nick Davies (investigative journalist who exposed the News of the World phone hacking scandal) there for an interview and question time.  Quite an interesting night and the sweetie got his book (signed) for us to read.

Hack Attack

Nick Davies

Saturday was Whisky Live.  I don't think they had as many stalls as last year.  Tried quite a few different things this year - things I wouldn't normally have tried.  Then back to EffanC's place and we watched Thelma and Louise and Pulp Fiction.

Today was just about of stuff around the house and food shopping.  We watched the unaired pilot of Sherlock, and also Emperor.

Also this week I lost my longest guardian portal in Longreach.  245 days.  Super sad times.

So since the start of the weekend I've been to Sydney and back.

On Friday night I headed up to Sydney, listening to podcasts for the drive.  Got to Mum's place and saw her photos of her recent trip to New Zealand.  Stayed the night - first person to sleep on her new sofa bed, which was actually fairly comfortable.  




In the morning we headed to my old flat to have a look at it - turns out the estate agents haven't fixed *anything* that was broken from last time.  Grunt.  Then had a body corporate meeting.  Same problems that have been plaguing the place for the last fourteen years as it turns out.  

Came back to mum's place and had a barrumundi lunch, then I headed back home.

Saturday night Stu had slow cooked some lamb shanks that were pretty tasty.

Today was just a bit of stuff around the house, food shopping, cooking dinner (coq au vin!) and Sherlock.

Down and Up

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Was feeling miserable on Monday morning on account of fish killing on Sunday.  The day didn't get any better.  The proxies were misbehaving and we spent the better part of the day fighting with them.

Today I decided to apply rules of quantum physics and not look at them.  Strangely they behaved somewhat better.  Probably just having their console windows open adds to their workload (and they never could cope at the best of times).  We'll be damned glad to see the back of them when they go.

Other than that we've been watching Sherlock again.  Awesome show even a second time around.


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I clocked my phone last night.

Ten thousand photos taken on my phone in two and a half years (although a number of those were on my last phone that were ported over to the new one).


Work has been super stressful the last little while.  On Friday night stayed back a little trying to resolve a problem for someone, which I did, so that was a relief leading into the weekend.  In fact I was just packing up to go when EffanC called to see if we wanted to go out for dinner.  Sounded great!  So we went into Mezzalira.  I'd never actually been there before.  At C's suggestion we had the five course degustation menu with matched wines.  On my!  So delicious.  A really great meal.

Pan seared scallops with smoked eel and jerusalem artichoke

Tortellini in sage butter

Mushroom risotto with truffle oil


Lemon tart

Saturday was a nice quiet day at home.

Ice burst

In the evening we went to the Ha Ha Bar for drinks for Kit's birthday.  It's not the sort of place that's really designed for that sort of gathering though - it's more a restaurant than a bar, so they say they do table service, but if we'd waited for table service we never would have gotten drinks.  And when I went to order some nibbles they said they'd come over and take food orders, but they never did so didn't end up getting food.  Anyway things settled down a bit when we all just went to the bar for drinks, and several platters of fries were ordered.  Pool at the Lighthouse afterwards.  A good fun evening.

Ha Ha drinks

Today was another quiet day of getting things done around the house.  In the afternoon we went for a walk to hack some portals and do some missions, then did a little food shopping.  Cooked honey mustard chicken for dinner.  Yum!

Honey mustard chicken

So nothing of any particular significance for May 16 this year.


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Friday night was swim night, and supper at EffanC's (mmm beef stew).

Saturday morning we headed out to the club.

Whereupon I noticed we had lost our rear number plate :(:(:(  We'd noticed it had been loose once before, but this time it was gone completely.  Called Canberra Connect and various police to report it.  Super epic pissed off, because I really liked that number plate and now we're going to lose it.

Then we did a bit of work scrubbing down the surface of our caravan which was starting to get mouldy.

Whereupon I sliced my finger open on a screw protuding from inside the caravan.

Yeah I pretty much lost it.  We'd been planning to stay the night, but I was feeling too miserable so we just came home.  We looked and looked for the number plate but didn't see it.

Went over to Kit's after dinner though which was nice.

Today, aside from finishing a jigsaw I started last night, didn't do much until we headed out again to look for the number plate. Fifty kilometres of driving around Canberra looking for it, but never found it :(:(:(:(  Will give it a couple of days in the hope that someone will hand it in before applying for a new one.

Did some food shopping them came home.  Watched Guardians of the Galaxy.  Not bad.  Now it must be bed time.

Oh also, I've uploaded a stack of images to old blog posts back to January, so if you could be bothered (I'm sure only mum will), there's pics in the archives.


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Had a pretty crap day today.  Started off bad and just never got any better.  Until beer o'clock I guess.


Been watching Big Bang Theory and Elementary and reading Tintin.

And we think our tv is dying - crazy video artefacts on it.


So I'm now three weeks behind on Friday Q.  I remember having trouble with them ten years ago as well - some of the questions are *hard*!

Had two nights in a row at EffanC's just chatting which was nice.

Cocktail mixers

Long Island Iced Teas

In between I didn't do much.  I vacuumed half the house, but we didn't do our food shopping.  Cleared off the family room and mostly cleared off the dining room table, but didn't actually get rid of anything, just rearranged things.  Got through more of our leftovers, but didn't cook anything new, or finish the oldest of the leftovers.  Went for an Ingress walk today because it was such a glorious day, but didn't manage to get the sweetie to join me.

Tonight we had a very nice dinner at Kit's, and the sweetie gave her a hand with her resume/job application.

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