Where was I up to?

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So since the start of the weekend I've been to Sydney and back.

On Friday night I headed up to Sydney, listening to podcasts for the drive.  Got to Mum's place and saw her photos of her recent trip to New Zealand.  Stayed the night - first person to sleep on her new sofa bed, which was actually fairly comfortable.  




In the morning we headed to my old flat to have a look at it - turns out the estate agents haven't fixed *anything* that was broken from last time.  Grunt.  Then had a body corporate meeting.  Same problems that have been plaguing the place for the last fourteen years as it turns out.  

Came back to mum's place and had a barrumundi lunch, then I headed back home.

Saturday night Stu had slow cooked some lamb shanks that were pretty tasty.

Today was just a bit of stuff around the house, food shopping, cooking dinner (coq au vin!) and Sherlock.

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