Writers, Whisky and Weekends

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Last Wednesday night we went along to the Library to go to an "author talk" - they had Nick Davies (investigative journalist who exposed the News of the World phone hacking scandal) there for an interview and question time.  Quite an interesting night and the sweetie got his book (signed) for us to read.

Hack Attack

Nick Davies

Saturday was Whisky Live.  I don't think they had as many stalls as last year.  Tried quite a few different things this year - things I wouldn't normally have tried.  Then back to EffanC's place and we watched Thelma and Louise and Pulp Fiction.

Today was just about of stuff around the house and food shopping.  We watched the unaired pilot of Sherlock, and also Emperor.

Also this week I lost my longest guardian portal in Longreach.  245 days.  Super sad times.

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