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So I'm now three weeks behind on Friday Q.  I remember having trouble with them ten years ago as well - some of the questions are *hard*!

Had two nights in a row at EffanC's just chatting which was nice.

Cocktail mixers

Long Island Iced Teas

In between I didn't do much.  I vacuumed half the house, but we didn't do our food shopping.  Cleared off the family room and mostly cleared off the dining room table, but didn't actually get rid of anything, just rearranged things.  Got through more of our leftovers, but didn't cook anything new, or finish the oldest of the leftovers.  Went for an Ingress walk today because it was such a glorious day, but didn't manage to get the sweetie to join me.

Tonight we had a very nice dinner at Kit's, and the sweetie gave her a hand with her resume/job application.

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