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Nearly There

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Yesterday David came up to Canberra as he'll be running the party train up to Sydney tonight.  He came out to the club with us and fixed our two dodgy light switches that weren't working.  He also had a look at the fridge socket.  It's missing neutral which *might* explain why it's not working properly, but we tried plugging it into another switch that was working properly, but it didn't cool down much in the hour or two we were there.  So have left it plugged into that overnight and we'll see what it does today.  Have I ever mentioned I have the bestest little brother ever? :)

Back to our place for dinner of sausages and then we watched The Negotiator, because Stu had never seen it and I'm like *what??*  heh.  So he quite enjoyed that.  And then we watched Under Seige, which he also enjoyed more than he thought he would.

Was trying to have a sleep-in this morning, but failed because I have far too much work to do before tonight and that wouldn't let my brain relax enough to go back to sleep.

Post Christmas

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On Friday (after a productive morning which included cleaning out the shelves in the bedroom cupboard) we headed into the city so the sweetie could pick up a package.  Except that the post office was closed.  Doh.  So went to the Canberra Centre so we could return the Wii-U game that wasn't going to work on our Wii.  Had lunch then went to Myer and got a few bits and pieces on special, including a variable temperature kettle, a picnic set, and a beach towel for Stu.

Got a lot more of the Millennium Falcon put away in the afternoon as well as watching The Hunger Games with the sweetie.

On Saturday I got quite a bit of stuff done in the morning, including finishing dismantling the Millennium Falcon.  I found the sheet of timings I did from when I built it - at the end of 2009!!  The thing has been assembled for four years!!  Oops!  

Had lunch at Ali Baba, then did some food shopping.   The sweetie got a migraine too which wasn't much fun.

Did a bit of a cleanup in the afternoon and put on a lamb roast.  For dinner, Jan, Bruce and James came over and we chatted for a while before dinner.  I followed a recipe Stu found at Annie's suggestion - which involved lemon juice and lemons put into the meat.  It worked really well and gave it a nice zing.  Will try it again sometime.  After dinner, Annie and family came over.  The kids played Mariokart while we all chatted.  Was a really nice night.  It was still pretty hot after everyone left so we both jumped in the puddle.  Heard Kit had visitors so invited myself over.  After chatting for ages, Kit and Ben came over for a swim.  We might have accidently stayed up *very* late.  But of course I always wake up early, and never did manage to get back to sleep.  So pretty tired today.  This afternoon I finished sorting Jake's Lego, and started assembling the sets.  

So a pretty good few days.

Christmas 2013

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Christmas Eve was a nice morning tea at work, followed by an early mark.  Went to Potty's to do a water change and bring home some lego.  Had lunch at KFC then came home and had a small siesta.

In the evening we got the Dominos wagyu three ways pizza and watched carols (or half watched really, I was playing on my phone).

Wagyu pizza

Christmas morning I finished off some last-minute cleaning of the house, then prepped lunch.  Annie and family came over and we sat around and nibbled and chatted while the Stus played Diablo.  Then had a roast pork and potato (and other things) feast.  Sadly the crackling wasn't as good as last time I did a roast pork.  Oh well.  Several food comas were had by people during Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and we also watched the beginning of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (keeping with the theme).  The others went home and we finished watching it.  It was a lovely afternoon, pretty much stress free which was good.  Hurrah! :)

Christmas table

Family photo

Didn't get any photos of all the food except for these cheese and bacon balls - cheese, bacon, more cheese, more cheese, sweet chili sauce and chives.  They could have done with more bacon.. next time.. :)
Cheese and bacon balls

In the evening we watched the 7pm Project, and then Shrek the Third.

Today, Boxing Day, I got stuck into some holiday projects I'd been hanging out to do.  Tidied the shelves in the spare room cupboard, got half way through dismantling the Millennium Falcon, downloaded some bank statements and organised things there a bit, downloaded all the photos off all my cameras, started preparing my year in review post, built my nanoblock Schloss Neuschwanstein, and watched Storm Boy in the evening (I haven't seen that movie in probably thirty years).

So since I last blogged I've been to four parties.

Last Friday was our division party.  It was at the Novotel, so it was a little pricey, but most of the food was really good.  Had some silly but fun activities afterwards, then kicked onto the Wig & Pen.  Went to Zierholz as well after that, but didn't stay long there.

My Christmas cracker joke
Christmas Cracker

We didn't get this.  Turns out "penguins" are like Freddo Frogs - chocolates with individual wrappings
Christmas Cracker

Novotel party

Novotel party

Novotel party

Space Invaders school!
Space Invaders school

Saturday I did house organising type stuff in the morning then went out to the club.  Had a swim and after dinner we played some cards (Fluxx and Uno) with A&J.

Club BBQ

Sunday morning I headed up to Sydney.  

Signs burnt by the bushfires in October
Burnt signs

Fog on Appin Road - really weird considering how hot it was

Went to the home to take dad out for chips, but we got a retarded wheel chair and had an extremelly frustrating time trying to get him to the shops.

In the evening we went to mum's church for a sausage sizzle and carols which was quite nice.

Carols Service

The last time I saw Ruth she was about six years old.. now she's 22!

Monday night I went over to Luc and Lizzi's for dinner.  Lizzi cooked us scotch fillet steaks - yum yum :) Was great to catch up with them.

Lizzi - Paste!

On Tuesday it was the nursing home's Christmas party.  David and Yvonne and Uncle Ian came along too, and we had our own table too.  A friend of Ian's was the entertainment - she sang lots of Christmas songs.  So was a pretty good afternoon.  Did a bit of workshop tidying afterwards.

Palms Christmas Party

Palms Christmas Party

Yvonne being a goofball
Palms Christmas Party

Uncle Ian being a goofball
Palms Christmas Party

Possibly our last ever family photo
Palms Christmas Party

Christmas selfie
Christmas Selfie

Wednesday mum did a great roast pork before I came home.

The car behaved itself too.  The water seems to have gone down a *little* bit but not too much.

Friday was our section party at the lake.  It was super hot and Neil and I were suckers and walked the whole way there.  Dranks lots of beer and bubbly, but also lots of water so had an early night and was totally fine the next day :)

Section party

Henrch won the race to the top of the rope pyramid
Section party

I would love to have joined the boys in a dip in the lake :)
Section party

Yesterday the sweetie and I went out for brunch at As Nature Intended, then did our food shopping.  It was miserably hot and I barely achieved anything all afternoon.

As Nature Intended brunch

In the evening I went over to Kit's for another party so she could christen her new bbq.  Around 10pm I snuck into the lounge room to watch the end of Carols in the Domain.  Even the anti-carols people ended up watching with me :)  *and* they played the Hallelujah chorus which the Sydney one never does, so that was super awesome :)

Kit's BBQ

Kit's frog

This morning the house was ten degrees cooler so got stuck into tidying up the house.  Was at it most of the day.  But of course it got hotter and hotter and by later in the afternoon I was pretty much spent.  Had a swim, then went to Potty's to feed the fish.

And so I'm finally caught up.  Well sort of.  There's still more house tidying to be done.  And photos from the last two months to upload to the blog.  But might get it done by the end of the year.  Maybe  ....

I've been really slack with blogging this year, especially the second half.  Lots of trips to Sydney mucking up my routine and cutting deeply into my "home" time is certainly not helping.  And the lack of comments is also not helping either, I feel like noone's really out there anymore.  Since my birthday in August I've had a whole *two* comments from regular readers.  Not that I do this for you, I do it for me, which is why I'm a bit annoyed I'm not keeping up - as this provides a valuable record for me of my life.


Thursday night after drinks we went to the Lighty for dinner, and then onto Karaoke.  I've never done karaoke like this before.  And found it a lot more difficult than Singstar.  With Singstar the lead vocals are at full volume compared to the music, and the timings are on screen.  With karaoke the lead vocals are basically non existent, which means you're pretty much on your own getting the timing right.  And when people are singing very loudly and very badly, it's very hard to try and get it right.  In the end with a lot of songs I blocked an ear and closed my eyes and was able to keep the timing a lot better.  And the videos are crap - at least with Singstar you mostly get the original video clips.  But it was a great fun night - we stayed for two hour-long rounds.



Friday night I made the sweetie watch Love Actually with me.  Because, you know, Christmas.

Saturday morning I was up at normal time to go help out with the big work Christmas party.  Neil and Henrch and Windy had spent a couple of hours on Friday afternoon moving things up onto the loading dock, so in the end it only took half an hour to load the truck.  We had the whole place setup by about 10:30, and then just needed to wait for the booze to turn up and then we were done.  Quickest setup *ever*.  After everything was done, I went on a couple of rides and took a lot of photos, then had my lunch and came home.

Truck Tetris








Saturday afternoon we headed over to Mishi's for a games evening.  We read a stack of Geek Battle questions which turned out to be great conversation starters.  Then we played a couple of games of Fluxx - Geoffrey won one game and I won another.  Then we watched Inception because Mishi had never seen it, and the sweetie and I hadn't seen it since we saw it at the movies.  Quite enjoyed it the second time around.

Sunday we went to Potty's for a big family BBQ.  Essentially it was the family Christmas gathering, as everyone was there, and won't be for Christmas itself.

Family BBQ

Family BBQ

Family BBQ

Family BBQ

Family BBQ

And then back to work.  I have *sooo* much to do it's not funny.  And yet I got so many interruptions and problems to deal with that yesterday I barely got *any* of it done.  So much for a nice wind-down to Christmas ...

Midweek Catchup

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Friday night the sweetie and I watched Airport (finally) and then finished Diablo.


Saturday morning we went to Black Pepper for breakfast, then did a large food shop.

After lunch we headed out to the club.  Had a swim and then joined the Christmas party.  There was a secret santa after dinner that went a lot longer than expected as people fought over a picture frame and two envelopes with $10 in them.  The ginger bread mini village I'd brought wasn't well received, so I swapped it with the person that got it, and so now I have a village *and* a train to make :)  Had a sauna as well, but I'm still not convinced by them.


Club Christmas

Club Christmas

Club Christmas

Club Christmas

Club Christmas

Club Christmas

Club Christmas

Club Christmas

Sunday morning we helped Andrew repair some of his roof and had another swim.

On the way home we stopped at Potty's and the whole family came over.  Stayed there for a while before coming home to cook our roast pork.  The crackling was up there with the best I've ever done, but the meat was a little over cooked.

Standard week so far - work, insomnia, jigsaws, photo sorting.

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