Party, Party, Party, Party

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So since I last blogged I've been to four parties.

Last Friday was our division party.  It was at the Novotel, so it was a little pricey, but most of the food was really good.  Had some silly but fun activities afterwards, then kicked onto the Wig & Pen.  Went to Zierholz as well after that, but didn't stay long there.

My Christmas cracker joke
Christmas Cracker

We didn't get this.  Turns out "penguins" are like Freddo Frogs - chocolates with individual wrappings
Christmas Cracker

Novotel party

Novotel party

Novotel party

Space Invaders school!
Space Invaders school

Saturday I did house organising type stuff in the morning then went out to the club.  Had a swim and after dinner we played some cards (Fluxx and Uno) with A&J.

Club BBQ

Sunday morning I headed up to Sydney.  

Signs burnt by the bushfires in October
Burnt signs

Fog on Appin Road - really weird considering how hot it was

Went to the home to take dad out for chips, but we got a retarded wheel chair and had an extremelly frustrating time trying to get him to the shops.

In the evening we went to mum's church for a sausage sizzle and carols which was quite nice.

Carols Service

The last time I saw Ruth she was about six years old.. now she's 22!

Monday night I went over to Luc and Lizzi's for dinner.  Lizzi cooked us scotch fillet steaks - yum yum :) Was great to catch up with them.

Lizzi - Paste!

On Tuesday it was the nursing home's Christmas party.  David and Yvonne and Uncle Ian came along too, and we had our own table too.  A friend of Ian's was the entertainment - she sang lots of Christmas songs.  So was a pretty good afternoon.  Did a bit of workshop tidying afterwards.

Palms Christmas Party

Palms Christmas Party

Yvonne being a goofball
Palms Christmas Party

Uncle Ian being a goofball
Palms Christmas Party

Possibly our last ever family photo
Palms Christmas Party

Christmas selfie
Christmas Selfie

Wednesday mum did a great roast pork before I came home.

The car behaved itself too.  The water seems to have gone down a *little* bit but not too much.

Friday was our section party at the lake.  It was super hot and Neil and I were suckers and walked the whole way there.  Dranks lots of beer and bubbly, but also lots of water so had an early night and was totally fine the next day :)

Section party

Henrch won the race to the top of the rope pyramid
Section party

I would love to have joined the boys in a dip in the lake :)
Section party

Yesterday the sweetie and I went out for brunch at As Nature Intended, then did our food shopping.  It was miserably hot and I barely achieved anything all afternoon.

As Nature Intended brunch

In the evening I went over to Kit's for another party so she could christen her new bbq.  Around 10pm I snuck into the lounge room to watch the end of Carols in the Domain.  Even the anti-carols people ended up watching with me :)  *and* they played the Hallelujah chorus which the Sydney one never does, so that was super awesome :)

Kit's BBQ

Kit's frog

This morning the house was ten degrees cooler so got stuck into tidying up the house.  Was at it most of the day.  But of course it got hotter and hotter and by later in the afternoon I was pretty much spent.  Had a swim, then went to Potty's to feed the fish.

And so I'm finally caught up.  Well sort of.  There's still more house tidying to be done.  And photos from the last two months to upload to the blog.  But might get it done by the end of the year.  Maybe  ....

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