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Yesterday David came up to Canberra as he'll be running the party train up to Sydney tonight.  He came out to the club with us and fixed our two dodgy light switches that weren't working.  He also had a look at the fridge socket.  It's missing neutral which *might* explain why it's not working properly, but we tried plugging it into another switch that was working properly, but it didn't cool down much in the hour or two we were there.  So have left it plugged into that overnight and we'll see what it does today.  Have I ever mentioned I have the bestest little brother ever? :)

Back to our place for dinner of sausages and then we watched The Negotiator, because Stu had never seen it and I'm like *what??*  heh.  So he quite enjoyed that.  And then we watched Under Seige, which he also enjoyed more than he thought he would.

Was trying to have a sleep-in this morning, but failed because I have far too much work to do before tonight and that wouldn't let my brain relax enough to go back to sleep.

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