Post Christmas

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On Friday (after a productive morning which included cleaning out the shelves in the bedroom cupboard) we headed into the city so the sweetie could pick up a package.  Except that the post office was closed.  Doh.  So went to the Canberra Centre so we could return the Wii-U game that wasn't going to work on our Wii.  Had lunch then went to Myer and got a few bits and pieces on special, including a variable temperature kettle, a picnic set, and a beach towel for Stu.

Got a lot more of the Millennium Falcon put away in the afternoon as well as watching The Hunger Games with the sweetie.

On Saturday I got quite a bit of stuff done in the morning, including finishing dismantling the Millennium Falcon.  I found the sheet of timings I did from when I built it - at the end of 2009!!  The thing has been assembled for four years!!  Oops!  

Had lunch at Ali Baba, then did some food shopping.   The sweetie got a migraine too which wasn't much fun.

Did a bit of a cleanup in the afternoon and put on a lamb roast.  For dinner, Jan, Bruce and James came over and we chatted for a while before dinner.  I followed a recipe Stu found at Annie's suggestion - which involved lemon juice and lemons put into the meat.  It worked really well and gave it a nice zing.  Will try it again sometime.  After dinner, Annie and family came over.  The kids played Mariokart while we all chatted.  Was a really nice night.  It was still pretty hot after everyone left so we both jumped in the puddle.  Heard Kit had visitors so invited myself over.  After chatting for ages, Kit and Ben came over for a swim.  We might have accidently stayed up *very* late.  But of course I always wake up early, and never did manage to get back to sleep.  So pretty tired today.  This afternoon I finished sorting Jake's Lego, and started assembling the sets.  

So a pretty good few days.

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