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As is tradition when meeting people at the Dumpling Inn, went to Jamo and had a couple of beers with Neil, and joined this time by Aquila which was nice.  

So Peter met us at the Dumpling Inn, where we'd tried to go last time but it was closed.  Had shredded beef peking style, and the three cup wine chicken, and satay squid and it was all delicious.

And I didn't take any photos to prove any of it..!  Shocking!!
This morning I actually had a bit of a sleep in.  Which is incredibly rare for me.  Must have needed it after this week.

Went to Dickson for brunch with the sweetie, then to an Asian grocery store so Stu could get some rice flavouring.

And suddenly my entire morning is gone.  Hrmm :/

But I did have quite a productive afternoon, geotagging Eurasia photos (first six days are done), some bits and pieces around the house, getting all my RSS feeds read, and updating my FlightDiary.

Flight Diary

Rainy Saturday

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The plan was to clean the house and wash some towels.

But then it rained.  So I didn't do any washing.

And we decided to go to the farmer's markets.  So I didn't clean the house.

We did pick up some nice stuff at the markets.

I prepared a bolognase and chucked it in the slow cooker for the afternoon.

Other than, just some work on my holiday photos.

Had a great day today.  Spent the whole day cleaning.. my favourite activity!! :)  So a nice relaxed day.

After work we went to Bella Vista for a farewell for one of our team members who's moving to Melbourne.

I had Cestino di pollo al pepperoncino for entree.  The sweetie had had this before, so I had to get it for myself this time :)

Bella Vista Cestino

And then the Pollo Arrosto for main

Bella Vista Pollo Arrosto
Funnily enough, I'd had something almost exactly the same as that too - in 2011, when they were both on the specials board.

Very pleasant (if expensive) evening!
So I had something like 438 mails in my inbox this morning.  Which got cut very quickly down to 148 when I removed all the mailing list and auto notification type mails.  So didn't take me all that long to get through it all which was nice.  Was kept busy most of the day anyway, without me even needing to look at my pre-trip todo list.

After work I met up with Luc at the Wig & Pen (which hasn't moved yet! win!).  Luc was won over by the nice beers they have there, and gave it his stamp of approval :)  I had a "Lunch with the Monks" and a "Big Ass Barley Wine".  Luc also had a Lunch with the Monks and a Dubble Trubble.  Stu arrived and had an Obama IPA.  We pretty much just talked about travel and Japan.  Was a fun night.

After Luc left for his dinner meetup, the sweetie and I went to the Asia Cafe for dinner.  We had soft shelled crab (nice, but something super spicy in the salad mix burnt my tongue - a lot!  Hurt for ages.  And no it wasn't a piece of the red chili - that's easy to avoid - perhaps some seeds that had come loose).  Also had some Honey Mustard Steak which was very yummy.

Asia Cafe Soft Shelled Crab
Asia Cafe Honey Mustard Steak

I'm getting old.

My idea of a perfect weekend is to not leave the house at all.

I've been feeling pretty anxious/depressed the past couple of days because I have to go back to work.  And not because I hate work.  Actually work is pretty good, except for when there's so much to do that I can't keep up which is a lot of the time but moving on ...

No it's because when I have to go to work I can't be at home.  I'd be perfectly happy spending all day every day at home.  Like during my uni holidays.  It's been, what, sixteen? seventeen? years since I had a three month holiday and I STILL MISS THEM!!!  Oh they were bliss.  To get up every morning for months on end and be able to do whatever you liked every day!  It was magic!

Sadly, if I want money to be able to travel I have to go to work.  But that doesn't make it any easier.

I'd still rather be at home.  

Just sayin'.

Felt like I didn't do much today (because I didn't tick much off the todo list) but I suppose I did a reasonable amount.  And the sweetie cooked dinner and we spent some time together which was nice so we're thinking maybe that should be more of a regular Sunday night thing heh.
Bit of a slow start today.  Did a bit of stuff around the house.

In the afternoon went to the poultry show at epic, something we haven't done since 2006 (where I managed to get myself in the newspaper :) )  Seems it was only $2 entry back then.  $5 at the moment, although there was so much chaos when we got there we didn't actually know where to pay so ended up just going in for nothing.

Poultry Show
Poultry Show
Poultry Show
Poultry Show
Poultry Show
Poultry Show
It's Ferdinand!
Poultry Show
Poultry Show
Poultry Show
Poultry Show
This turkey fluffed itself up whenever we got near it and fluffed up our jackets in front of it, very cool :)
Poultry Show
Afterwards we went over to Scott and Kerry's for a little while.

Leftovers for dinner and spent the evening fighting with our stoopid Cisco router (trying to fix up MRTG and I couldn't figure out how to get it to show active DHCP leases or make SNMP work).  Hate.  Also watched some Big Bang Theory.

Been feeling anxious/depressed about having to go back to work.  Sigh.

I was slightly shocked to realise this pile of newspapers I've been meaning to go through dated to early 2009 - ie, just after we moved into this house!

The whole lot is in the recycle bin now :)

Other than that, had a lovely day.  Went into town and had breakfast with the sweetie at Cafe Essen.  Walked around Civic for a little while.  Then out to Jamo to do our food shopping.  Was a really nice morning with the sweetie.

Came back and turned on the heater and had a nice quiet afternoon doing a mix of computer things and non computer things (like unpacking - still haven't finished that!).  I put a beef stew in the slow cooker and it's been bubbling away all afternoon.  Can't wait!

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