Return to Work Tuesday

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So I had something like 438 mails in my inbox this morning.  Which got cut very quickly down to 148 when I removed all the mailing list and auto notification type mails.  So didn't take me all that long to get through it all which was nice.  Was kept busy most of the day anyway, without me even needing to look at my pre-trip todo list.

After work I met up with Luc at the Wig & Pen (which hasn't moved yet! win!).  Luc was won over by the nice beers they have there, and gave it his stamp of approval :)  I had a "Lunch with the Monks" and a "Big Ass Barley Wine".  Luc also had a Lunch with the Monks and a Dubble Trubble.  Stu arrived and had an Obama IPA.  We pretty much just talked about travel and Japan.  Was a fun night.

After Luc left for his dinner meetup, the sweetie and I went to the Asia Cafe for dinner.  We had soft shelled crab (nice, but something super spicy in the salad mix burnt my tongue - a lot!  Hurt for ages.  And no it wasn't a piece of the red chili - that's easy to avoid - perhaps some seeds that had come loose).  Also had some Honey Mustard Steak which was very yummy.

Asia Cafe Soft Shelled Crab
Asia Cafe Honey Mustard Steak

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