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Have had Peter over tonight.  We were going to get Dumpling Inn, but they were closed! :(  So got Turkish, but it was pretty average.  Pity I'm going there for lunch on Friday too. hrmm.

Was a lot of fun having someone to be a bit silly with :)  Ping!
Apart from the games night on Saturday night (only ended up playing one game - Ticket to Ride, which I won, and didn't end up getting to play Carcassonne at all), and going to Annie's to see the family on Sunday for a roast chicken lunch, I didn't leave the house at all.  Best kind of weekend really.  Watched a couple of epic movies (The Ten Commandments and Lawrence of Arabia), organised, tidied, and cleaned.

I disturbed a colony of ants today.  I was moving a planter box, but they'd setup shop underneath it.  So they spent the next little while grabbing all their eggs to take them underground!

Ant eggs

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