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Post Trivia Night and still super busy with stuff.  Highlight of the past week was the Canberra Airport Open Day.  Will try and get some photos online soon ... 
You know I've been extremely busy when I haven't posted any photos in nearly two weeks :(

I finished my Saturday todo list at 1:20pm this afternoon.  Which left nowhere near enough time to get everything done today that I wanted to.  

I did make good progress on the trivia night preparations.  A lot less to do over the next couple of nights that I was fearing I'd have to.  

Alas it means that I don't have any UK photos to post :(  Maybe later in the week I'll be able to catch up...
Slow morning, sleep recovery.  Power went off again around 1am.  Decided to finally replace the battery in the UPS.  Which works.  Trialled in anger at another power trip.  Had time to run down and flick the switch.  Think is probably something in the house triggering it.  My bet is a heater in the lounge room fish tank.  This has been disconnected.  So far so good.

Tidied up some of the mess behind the sweetie's computer and thought about rearranging the study.

Other than that, very little work on just about anything.  *sigh*

Eighteen months ago today we drove through Glencoe again (this time in some sunlight), visited the Castle Arrrgghhh (aka Stalker Castle) and then drove through to Lockerbie, visiting the memorial there.


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Yeah I got nothing.

Eighteen months ago today we decided to skip Edinburgh completely and do it another time, visited Firth of Forth, Doune aka Swamp Castle and the one with the trojan bunny, Tim the Enchanter, and drove through Glencoe.
Was feeling pretty blah about one of my tasks at work so rebelliously put it aside.  I did learn something new and pretty fundamental to what we do which was pretty cool (and gave me a chance to do more doco - win!).  We also succeeded in getting an SSL FTP connection to work which made me bounce.

Tomorrow I guess I'll go back to the more disagreeable tasks.

Eighteen months ago today we went to Durham cathedral and Alnwick Castle (Hogwarts!!) before heading to Edinburgh.  One of the ultra-rare days where it was sunny all day.


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Late nights = slow mornings = less productive days = stressed out Kazza .. *sigh*

So yeah, just more UK photos and Trivia night stuff, but didn't really get to anything else on the todo list :(:(

Eighteen months ago today we went to Sherwood Forest and then to York to see the Minster and the Hogwarts Express!
Did get quite a lot done, although it doesn't really feel like it.  Did get a decent walk in, but mostly spent the whole day sorting UK photos.

Speaking of which, eighteen months ago today we went to Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick Castle and out to dinner with Di and Nick.

One year ago since the great earthquake and tsunami in Japan ... :(

Home all day doing housework (the sunlight was calling me to do some washing), UK photo sorting, and trivia night planning.  Out tonight to Mishi's for a games night.  Bit smaller than usual.  Played some Carcassonne (came second), Seafarers of Catan (came second) and Pictionary (came first with L, although game was declared early cause everyone was tired).  

Eighteen months ago today we picked up our hire car and left London.  Stopped first at Runnymede to see the Magna Carta memorial, then went and saw Harry's house from Philosopher's Stone, Henley on Thames for a beer, and out to Leavesden to see where Harry caught the Knight Bus and see the outside of Leavesden Studios.
Apart from doing some shopping/errands yesterday morning and going to Annie's last night after dinner, didn't really do much this weekend (other than a heap of stuff that needed doing around the place at home).

And just cause I've got nothing else interesting, here's some clouds from the other week..

Cool clouds

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