Unproductive Saturday

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Slow morning, sleep recovery.  Power went off again around 1am.  Decided to finally replace the battery in the UPS.  Which works.  Trialled in anger at another power trip.  Had time to run down and flick the switch.  Think is probably something in the house triggering it.  My bet is a heater in the lounge room fish tank.  This has been disconnected.  So far so good.

Tidied up some of the mess behind the sweetie's computer and thought about rearranging the study.

Other than that, very little work on just about anything.  *sigh*

Eighteen months ago today we drove through Glencoe again (this time in some sunlight), visited the Castle Arrrgghhh (aka Stalker Castle) and then drove through to Lockerbie, visiting the memorial there.

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