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Great Day

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Had a super awesome day today.  Someone gave me access to do a big cleanup of a system that's been annoying me for *ages* because of how messy it was.  So I cleaned all day.  And loved every minute of it :)

And here's a hot air balloon that flew past our house a week or so ago..

Airforce Balloon

Neil rates another mention .. on Friday he found me a copy of Lost In Translation at Flipside!  I'd been looking out for this since we got back from our last trip to Japan.

Tonight we watched it.  It was pretty cool to see all the been-theres!

Other than that, didn't feel like I achieved much today.  Too much work crap.  And feeling a bit blah tonight.  Think will go to bed..
Last night Nat and Andrew came over for some games.

We started with Bananagram.  Nat won two and Andrew won one.

Then Carcassonne which Nat won, but I got a bit depressed because they kept screwing me over so I couldn't finish cities.

Then a couple of games of Flux.  Nat won one, can't remember who won the other.

Then I went through several years of photos finding stuff that we'd all been to together and copying them for them.

Good fun night :)
That's my only excuse for not having anything useful to blog about tonight.

Because it could have been a huge rant about work and the crappy afternoon I had, but that's all behind the wine now :)

He also made us a lovely fettuccine carbonara for dinner which was very yummy :) 
Today at about 3:37 I had gotten fed up with mess and decided it was time to go home.  Or at least go have a beer.  To which Neil suggested the Haha Bar, leaving at 4pm.  To which I wholeheartedly agreed.  So went down with the usual suspects and had a very pleasant couple of beers and mulled wines by the lake.  Even the sweetie came in for a bit, which was lovely.

So we got home and Nat and Andrew arrived and we looked at Stu's Japan photos and cooked a pasta bake for dinner and played several games of Buzz.  Best I could do on the leaderboard was one win - couldn't get fastest finger or most correct answers or even most taunts (I was robbed I tells ya!!).

Super fun evening :):):):)
Today was a much better day.  Aided by the fact that I got to spend most of it documenting.  We have a particularly complex application that had broken yesterday and I had no idea how it worked, so we spent a couple of hours trying to figure it out.  There's documentation, but it's practically unreadable.  So today I decided to learn how the application fits together by starting from scratch and redocumenting the entire dev environment.  Not sure how the person who documented it originally will feel about that, but can't be helped I think.  Heck even if noone else uses my doco at least now I have a much better understanding of how it works.  Even if we found so many problems that we need to do a *massive* tidy up!

Tonight the sweetie cooked dinner, and then I geotagged Europe photos.  I particularly liked my day in Amsterdam which included two canal rides and a bus ride (pinpoints don't include Random Camera photos).

Amsterdam Cruising

Being Sociable

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Friday night we had Gaelian and Stephanie over for dinner.  We ordered Dumpling Inn takeaway (when then arrived, finally at 8:20 ..hrmm), so I went and picked that up.  All food was eaten, so no leftovers - doh!  And then we looked at Stu's Japan photo highlights.

Saturday hanging around the house for the most part, except to go shopping in the afternoon.

Then off to Mishi's for a games night.  We sat and chatted for a good while, and eventually had a game of Ticket to Ride.  I won that, but everyone else tied with the exact same score :)

Today was another day hanging around the house.  I spent some time on a 555 unit phizz torus, but it quickly became un-fun as I didn't realise when I cut the paper so small that putting it together would be really hard due to the lack of friction of bigger pieces of paper :(  Seriously considering gluing it together to hold it together while assembling :/  Also did some geotagging of holiday photos.

The sweetie cooked an awesome roast pork belly dinner, and we had Josh and Ally and Soph over to share it.  They put on Akira after dinner but I just couldn't stay awake :(

And that's the end of that..

June sunrise

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