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Friday night we had Gaelian and Stephanie over for dinner.  We ordered Dumpling Inn takeaway (when then arrived, finally at 8:20 ..hrmm), so I went and picked that up.  All food was eaten, so no leftovers - doh!  And then we looked at Stu's Japan photo highlights.

Saturday hanging around the house for the most part, except to go shopping in the afternoon.

Then off to Mishi's for a games night.  We sat and chatted for a good while, and eventually had a game of Ticket to Ride.  I won that, but everyone else tied with the exact same score :)

Today was another day hanging around the house.  I spent some time on a 555 unit phizz torus, but it quickly became un-fun as I didn't realise when I cut the paper so small that putting it together would be really hard due to the lack of friction of bigger pieces of paper :(  Seriously considering gluing it together to hold it together while assembling :/  Also did some geotagging of holiday photos.

The sweetie cooked an awesome roast pork belly dinner, and we had Josh and Ally and Soph over to share it.  They put on Akira after dinner but I just couldn't stay awake :(

And that's the end of that..

June sunrise

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