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Between being too excited about next weekend, to hurty, to Stu coughing all over me, I didn't get much sleep last night.

And all day I've been feeling like I'm having an immune reaction.  Maybe it's just hypochondria/tiredness/from awkward sleeping... hrmmm


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I was a big fat lump this weekend.  Only physical activity was weeding the garden/pavers.

Other than that.  Geotagging.  Lots of it.  It's fricken *hard* without a GPS track :(
Also a bit of baking, and planning for Dave2's visit.

And last night went to a "games night" at Mishi's, but after sitting around and nibbling and talking, we ended up just nibbling and talking and didn't end up playing any games. 

Superb blue fairy wren
Superb blue fairy wren

Cherry bee


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So I found about this morning's factory fire in Mitchell from someone living in New Zealand.  heh.

Went out and took some pics and sent them into The RiotACT.

Mitchell fire
Mitchell fire

Otherwise sucky day.  But I just need to remember that when I'm having a tough time at work, I just have to remember that I don't also have to look after six kids as a single mother with a full-time teaching job.  How fricken hard would that be?!?

Fun times

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Last night D&Y came to stay the night and there was a bit of drinking and much chatting and a bit of watching of Monty Python.

Tonight was Pizza at Chris B's place (after drinks, bacon chips and a little red wine).

Fun times :)

Japan Day

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Today we had a very Japanese-themed day. 

Except maybe the cleaning of the house that we spent all morning doing.. hrmmm

So at lunch Nat and Andrew came over and we ate lots and "viewed the flowers" - aka "hanami"!   It was super awesome.  I cooked heaps of food, and will have leftovers for at least ten meals (and now for my next trick - finding freezer space!)  It was pretty cold and windy, so we decided to setup inside.  But we did have the blue tarpaulin and we could see the tree, so it's still authentic!

Hanami leftovers

Afterwards the others watched a very strange Japanese movie while I geotagged Alnwick Castle photos.

Then we all headed into ANU to see Za Kabuki.  There was a lot in Japanese only, so it was a bit tricky to know what was going on (you could sort of get the general gist).  The main play itself (The Sardine Seller's Net of Love) was mostly in Japanese, but a bit of English as well which certainly helped (the story was outlined on the program too so we at least knew what was going on).  Bizarrely, all the female characters in the main play were played by guys and vice-versa - very odd!!  They very nicely allowed photos (just no flash).

Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki
Za Kabuki


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Finally declaring full failure tonight.  I don't have a new blog entry for tonight for our UK 2010 holiday.  Might have gone out to dinner to Bella Vista after drinks tonight.  And not taken any documentary evidence.  I might try for tomorrow night to link to "today's" photos ....

Declaring Defeat

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Well after spending the majority of the day on my UK 2010 photos, I'm going to declare defeat.  There's just no way I'm going to be able to geotag and blog all the photos in time for the remainder of the trip.  

Today all I managed to do was a day and a half of geotagging, and a day and a half worth of selecting highlights photos for the blog.  The hours it takes to do all of it is just insane.

So anyway. 

All I've managed to complete tonight is the blog post for our first day in London.  Took seven hundred photos that day, and cutting them down for a blog entry proved nearly impossible.  In the end I went with fifty one.

Geotag, Family, Gah!

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Spent a good chunk of the morning geotagging photos.  Then we went out for lunch and ended up spending all afternoon visiting Stu's various siblings, firstly at Kerry's, then at Annie and Stu's new house.  Was a nice afternoon, but it really cut into the time I'd planned to geotag today.  Going to be extra busy tomorrow!

New house
Annie in the kitchen
Violet is 16 months, Immy is three and a half...    !!!
Violet and Immy
Birthday cake for Stu (and me)
Then did our food shopping, and then Stu spent an hour and a half cooking dinner.  It was pretty good.

Stu cooking dinner
Stu's dinner
A year ago today we left Tokyo and flew to London!

Friday .. survived..

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@NathanaelB tweeted this week: "No one should have to 'survive' the working week"


Yeah well I survived, just.

Photo of the day.  A few weeks ago when Gaelian was here, Stu dragged out his "portable" computer.  Twenty six (or so) years old.  !!!  Frankly I was completely amazed that the thing actually booted!!

26 year old computer
A year ago today was our final day in Japan.  All we did was go to Ueno and visit the Tokyo National Museum.  Was pretty interesting though.

The little brother is here tonight, he's running a train out to Bungendore tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll be geotagging photos.  It's going to be a lot of work to keep ahead of the holiday!

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